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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:53

2015 Budget Work Plan and Budget Committee Continues

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Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light , \"TUBITAK Defence Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) guidance kits from family , Precision Guidance Kit-1 ammunition began to be improved and series production ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo Science, Industry and Technology Minister Light, made ​​a presentation to MPs at Plan and Budget Commission. Light, when the last 12 years, growth rates , given Turkey's EU both saying that a better performing than the average of OECD countries, Turkey has stated that it has an important place in the industry come to this level.
2003-2013 Years when examined between 11-year period , the average growth of the manufacturing industry 5.8 Noting that light , 22 percent of the manufacturing industry's share of national income at constant prices , rose to 24.1 percent from 1 said . Photo Light, Turkey's Africa and noting that Eurasia's R \u0026 D and production base aims to be \"the new era is passing through the world economy in the upper row where the German's path in R \u0026 D and innovation . Today, ensure grip on the market of products next to the production in one of the sine qua non of our competitiveness . this is the design and possible with branding . Turkey , this is really starting in mobilizing resources to pave the way for branding and design and supports more and more every day , \"he said. said targeting Photo Turkey's exports growth Light, \"about 94 percent of our goods exports'manufacturing industry comes from . This is an important indicator of where we are in the industry. We export almost all countries of the world today . The last 12 years our exports declined , the share of high-tech products in a serious increase we recorded in the share of low and medium high-tech products , \"he said . Photo Light, R \u0026 D studies in stating that makes paradigm shift , \"as a reflection of this change in our country, R \u0026 D and be strong in areas where the innovation capacity'goal-oriented approach', geopolitical location and country requirements as R \u0026 D activities in areas that need acceleration'needs-oriented approach'and also in the areas of creativity, support is needed'bottom-up approach'has been adopted , \"he said . < br/> Indigenous , to use as leverage for innovative public procurement and transfer of production to increase the green light, \"we have developed three mechanisms for this. they are ; Providing a price advantage to reviled goods in the procurement of public goods, technological products experience certificate issuance and innovation in public procurement , domestication and Industrial Cooperation Program which will be implemented to ensure the transfer of technology , \"he said. Photo Entrepreneur Information System ( GBS) , indicating that they have completed Light, \"from trades with GBS neighborhood close to 3 million up to the initiative of holding economic activity information in the database within our Ministry can do all the analysis we need toplulaştırarak . Today agriculture with GBS , industry and services with the main sectors of less than about 500 items of data to the location of all sub-sectors , provinces, districts , sectors , we can evaluate according to the scale and technology levels. \"Mitigation tool in Photo automotive industry, environmental and consumer noted that the concentration of friendly tools work light, \"we made ourselves the design, patent , and trademark licenses belonging to Turkey's domestic brand vehicle we aim to make our roads before 2020 . This vehicle is not more than an internal combustion engine , we aim to be as extended electric vehicle range , \"he said . Photo Turkey's R \u0026 D spending in 2002, so 0.52 percent of the gross domestic product ratio 0.92 Light reminding they ate , \"in 2012 full-time equivalents (FTE ), the number of R \u0026 D staff of 105 thousand , the number of FTE researchers has increased to 82 thousand . 200 years at number 2 is the Technology Development Zone has reached 59, 41 of them are past activities . Today, the number of firms operating in the zone 2 thousand 956'y The bit number of projects 14 thousand 194 , worked on the project number 6 thousand 902, exporting $ 1.7 billion and , most importantly, qualified staff numbers employed 29 thousand 903 reached , \"he said . Photo 7 units in 2014 , which underlined the establishment of Technology Development of Light, \"has become operational four of them . TGB infrastructure this year to 38 million 500 thousand of these were allocated . University and they have come together to prepare an industrial R \u0026 D projects with industrial Theses Program support is provided. Under this program, grants are given to support up to 85 percent of the project budget. Are given support from so far in total for 908 projects 186 million TL in 2006 , \"he said . Stating that continues to work in the Photo defense industry Light, \"TUBITAK Defence Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) guidance kits from family , Precision Guidance Kit the series has been developed-1 ammunition has started production . In addition, SAGE F-16 fighter aircraft capable of single and multiple shooting , going smaller harp titled Precision Guidance Kit-3 and Precision Guidance Kit-4 development work . Gives the ability to attack targets high penetrating bomb shelter ( NEB) Development Project completed and TUBITAK SAGE has started mass production of technical assistance projects in the TCI , \"he said .

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