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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:54

ADF Assembly Meeting was held

ADF Assembly Meeting was held
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Army Metropolitan Municipality (ADF) November regular meeting of Council was held at the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall.

Ordu news: Photo Army Mayor Anwar meeting held at the district mayors Yılmaz councilors and citizens attended. Proposals from the Special Commission report and apartments at the meeting were discussed and resolved . Photo cable car PARKING ORBEL E loan Photo Metropolitan Municipality Assembly hall took place in November residency at the regular meeting we evaluated the report from the commission. Plan and Budget Commission located in the lower cable car station with a monthly rental of the parking space to determine the location of operations until August 2019 ORBEL Inc. to report the transfer to be approved by parliament report was accepted. Located at the cable car station with the adoption of the report was handed over to the parking ORBEL A.Ş. . Other specialized reports in the meeting were approved by the council.
< Strong> ENV YILMAZ AUTHORITY GIVEN Photo Assembly meeting also discussed the proposals coming from the apartment. Culture and the bid Social Affairs Department of the United Cities and Local Governments in Central and West Asia Organization Army Metropolitan Municipality allowing the development of cooperation in projects related to the city with the participation of the members of the agreement and the Mayor for making the protocols Enver powers Yilmaz proposals for the award , the result of council's vote was accepted . photo sTREET dOGS fOR sHELTER WORK STARTED to photo Meeting in stray dogs and mosquito spraying subject to it should continue to shelter for the location given by the stray dogs in each district , Metropolitan Municipality has also agreed to coordinate this work. Mosquito spraying area would be below 200 indicating the altitude , it was emphasized that further enhance the study of point sources.


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