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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:14

Ashura Hound of Denizli Idealist

Ashura Hound of Denizli Idealist
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The people of Denizli , including former Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), which also made ​​the deputies nationalists Muharram and Ashura for the good of the souls of the martyrs.

Denizli news: Photo Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) deputy 21.Döne I Av. Erbeyin Saleh , former MHP Denizli Province by President Abraham Ekiz carried out in pursuit of the Grand Mosque next to Parking garden asure MHP Denizli Deputy Av 21. Period . Erbeyin Saleh , Chairman of the MHP Denizli Ferudun Unal, MHP Denizli Provincial Women's Wing President Av. Gulay Ozcan, Denizli Nationalist Hearths President Hussein Ulgen, MHP Pamukkale District Chairman Hasan Akgun, MHP Merkezefendi District Chairman Fatih Coskun, Ülkü-Tek Denizli President and MHP Çivril District Chairman Yasin Ozturk, TÜRKAV President Ahmet Aykol , Castle , a former mayor Ismail Yarımca , Babadag former Mayor Ahmet Yüan dawn , Pamukkale and Merkezefendi Councillors , Great Union Party (BBP ) Deputy Chairman Mehmet Efe, Turkey Kamu-Sen attached to the side of the Union President well attended by many citizens. Photo MHP ex-chairperson Ibrahim Ekiz said in a statement, \"we are for the from and togetherness unity of the Turkish nation. this was the case yesterday , so today , tomorrow will continue to be so. this ashura day to bring together our cause ülküdaş we make traditional and we have faith is to catering to our citizens ashura . this year, about 10 we have prepared thousands of people asure charitable . in future years, if God will grant you that this number will continue to further our ülküdaş and duplicate together with our citizens, \"he said.

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