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  • 14 Ekim 2014, Salı 09:35

Both had played Alishan Both Play

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Famous artists who performed in Manisa , Manisa an unforgettable night with songs continues to enchant said , the scene did not forget to pull ropes .

Manisa news:
Manisa Municipality , Manisa City Council and Citizen Association in collaboration with the Solidarity Platform are Manisa'd Manisalıyız held under the slogan of this year's 3rd Festival Citizen Associations Alishan , Manisa Republic appeared on the scene in the square . For the voice of the most beautiful works of Manisa Alishan , conquered the hearts of the audience . Concert Mayor Cengiz Ergun followed.'Angels is collecting signatures'to appear on stage with the song Alishan , then'two stranger dönüşmeyel'song for the fans , had a night of it . Last time, the most popular'my heart only to the owner'sing their rendition said the artists , fans once again was enchanted .
MANİSALI by acclaimed concert at the end of Alishan said, with songs acclaimed , drawn aunt Manisali lovers a memorable night was .

Both had played Alishan Both Play" comments for.


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