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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:04

Calls Budget Plan and Budget Commission

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Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, said that scientific data should be resolved in the presence of structural problems in the mines.

Ankara news: November 5, 2014 date, 15 thousand 729 workplace inspections Steel stated that in \"this context, the activities of thousand 734 of discontinued businesses building , 134 is the mining sector . 49 trillion 782 thousand 990 TL administrative penalty has been applied ,\"he said .
Parliament Planning and Budget Commission in 2015 and 2013 Central Government Budget Draft Law on Final Account Law work continues. Answering the presenters at the Commission and lawmakers to question Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, the effects of the global economic crisis continues worldwide and 3.3 percent according to the IMF, recalled growing the global economy in 2014 is expected at the same rate of growth . Steel, \"the greatest impact on workforce global economic crisis shows on the market . The labor market is expected to increase the number of unemployed on a global scale ,\"he said .
Steel , noting that provides the substantial development in Turkey , said that there were significant increases in employment. Minister of Steel, \"28 European Union countries average 10.1 percent unemployment figure , our country has realized as 9.8 percent as of July , 2014. However, the average percentage of 21.6 is the youth unemployment rate in the European Union countries , Turkey in July 2014 as 18.2 as respectively. the last 5 years in the labor force participation rate from 45.7 percent to 51.3 , the employment rate rose to 46.37 percent from 39.8 . this is 5 million 795 thousand increase in employment occurred within five years , \"he said . Photo of employer provided primary support , saying that £ 41 billion steel, 1.5 million of these incentives work and stated that the insured benefit over 10 million. Steel, \"the last six years IŞKUR hand 2 million 565 thousand 231 people were placed in jobs . IŞKUR hand the ratio of registered unemployed who placement was 14.5 percent in 2010 , this rate increased to 25.8 percent in the January-September period of 2014 . Business between callers with workers seeking to see a bridge started 4 thousand jobs and career counselor duties , these consultants assisted in 2014 January-September period of 1 million 604 thousand 427 people with individual interviews took place , \"he said .
last 12 years 985 thousand people , providing vocational training that indicating Steel , 264 a thousand people on the job , he said education and entrepreneurship courses given . photo Referring to the Minister of Steel to the social security system , citizens are saving the provision of access to pharmacy, \"in 2002, 12 million 8 thousand number of active insured 19 million 482 thousand when 5 million 887 per thousand , which is passive insured numbers reached 10 million 795 thousand . Central government after the budget we look at the largest budget social security budget by the end of 2014, 14 year-end revenues of 183 billion 828 million TL , the costs of 204 billion 271 million TL , open the funding of 20 billion 443 million TL is estimated to be , \"he said. Pointing out that Photo SSI open the 1.16 would be estimated , SGK health spending in 2002 is 7 billion 629 million TL in 2013. 49 billion 938 million TL and noted that at the end of 2014 is estimated to be 54 billion 906 million TL . Photo editing with an expression that made ​​Steel Bag Act , the miners who lost their lives in Soma reminded that connect salary to their families. Steel, \"the minimum wage for our miners brought the rule can not be paid less wages than doubled, the retirement age is 55 for our miners 50 was reduced to 43 with the depreciation . Our government has provided increased above the rate of inflation in our working period and retirement of our monthly fee, 257 TL, which is the most low social security pension 47 thousand TL , 147 TL 848 TL, which trades pension Bag-Kur , which was TL 65.8 TL 633 agricultural Bag-Kur pension , pension lowest officer per 376 thousand 311 TL , which has increased . the law adaptation is expected by the retirement brought to life for workers who retire before the year 2000 , 1 million 783 thousand pensioners in our improvements of up to 450 TL in salaries is provided , \"he said .
Minister of Steel, entering underground mines everyone's oxygen mask to wear and change at certain points is no requirement for regulation of broadcast stations , he said. Steel , 5 November 2014 that as of 15 thousand 729 workplace inspections carried out and their 5 thousand to 6 of programmatic , 8 thousand 350 complaints on , stating that on the cessation of 2 thousand 373 workplace activities , \"In this context, the activities of thousand 734 of discontinued businesses construction, mining sector is 134 . 782 thousand 990 TL 49 trillion administrative penalty has been applied , \"he said .
Steel , noting that the publication of professional standards , said 19 thousand 651 people given vocational qualification . Steel , said Ermenek on many issues related to working in the mines spoken , \"mines that the structural problems that create serious problems of the problem, mines whether the resort's closure , some mining basins , it is the livelihood of the people living in the basin is indexed to the mine, Soma, as in Ermenek 18 of our citizens the trouble with land is under the workers , we want from their own problems,'should be the closure of these mines'they declared views on the 1960 model quarries can not walk in 2014 , the use of absolute technologies , the need to transition to basin mining , their closure, comes to 50 people circuitry related to the stopping \"he said . Photo Steel , said:Photo of \"structural problems should be solved. if you use Turkey technology. should resolve problems accompanied by scientific data . exploration licenses given in 1965 in the mines in Ermenek . in 1977'Cemre'is transferred to a company called . Nationalized in 1979. 1983 is given back . Is given to ten years in 1987. This ten year period will be prolonged in 1997. Decade will be prolonged in 2007 , \"he said .

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