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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:12

Camel was Tile New Drinking Water Hotline

Camel was Tile New Drinking Water Hotline
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Denizli Municipality DES , the Walnut completely renewing the neighborhood of drinking water lines , paved network without Arabs Locality 3 kilometers drinking water line.

Denizli news: Photo March 30 local elections, after all substructure Metropolitan started to provide their services Municipality across the city of Denizli Water and Sewerage Administration (DES ) General Directorate, finding a solution to the problems of all the towns and districts with the city center. About 7 years ago Çameli District neighborhood of Walnut , near the region's drinking water during road construction work that contractors perform damage occurred in the network. Walnut neighborhood residents, drinking water transmission network in the destruction of the living and that of drinking water due to insufficient tear line Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zola town during their visit. March 30 of the following Metropolitan Municipality started to provide all infrastructure services across the city in the General Directorate of DES , the President launched an initiative in Zola's instructions Walnut neighborhood. Following an thinning , renewal of the walnut in the neighborhood of 5 thousand 350 meters drinking water line , it was also decided to make the 3-mile line to the drinking water network Locality non-Arabs . In total in the region of 8 thousand 350-meter line before time began laying. So far, Walnut neighborhood while expressing the completion of more than 50 percent of the drinking water network , the Arabs in the neighborhood was made of new subscriber connections in 67 households . Photo Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan , should old network Walnut neighborhood, both in the past altogether to remedy the damage caused during road construction work , he said a line renovation work is done. After Metropolitan Denizli most remote point in the citizens'Zola President noted that they would resort to nuisance, stating that they worked day and night with have the power to do that, \"whatever is in the center of Denizli will be the same in the most remote settlements'we said. We are working for it. Cevizli long time is drinking water line that needs to be completed soon. Citizens of our comfort , our work for peace and prosperity will last at every point , \"he said .


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