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Canal Stenosis Physical Therapy Practice in Bel Air

Canal Stenosis Physical Therapy Practice in Bel Air
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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr.

Samsun news: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Aysegul awesome, patients with lumbar spinal canal stenosis physical therapy practice providing rapid return to activities of daily living , he said.
Medical Park Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic specializing in Samsun . Dr. Aysegul awesome \"lumbar spinal stenosis \"briefed . Dr. Awesome, \"the spine of our body carry the weight , but from the brain that and the whole body to the nerves that spinal cord at our remains. Spine forming our and spine called the bones to move between providing a higher level, from the load being absorbed properly in the lower levels , which causes transmission disc called pads are available. Moreover between two vertebrae facet-called movements of the spine an important role in a joint has . vertebrae located between disks surrounding connective tissue and the two vertebrae between the facet joints age progression normal structure deteriorates. this way drives the liquid in the decreasing disk crashes and spinal canal right overflows. Moreover facet called joint and spinal canal around the connective tissue is thickened . this way back in the spinal canal narrowing and compression of the nerves as a result of the disease'lumbar spinal stenosis','lumbar spinal stenosis'aka waist spinal stenosis is called , \"he said .
in patients with narrow channels with low back pain in the legs , tingling , numbness and loss of strength is seen saying Dr. Aysegul awesome, \"walking, these complaints will increase and people sit and rest it needs . Fact, over time, these complaints because people walk away even may be shortened. Persons when tired leaning forward spinal canal increasing the relief works. Severe stenosis of the bowel and bladder control problems ie toilet incontinence may complain . these complaints that patients consult a doctor when the first detailed history is taken and reflexes , and sensory examination with the physical examination is performed. then x-ray radiography ( X-ray ) , computed tomography ( CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI ), the diagnosis can be used radiological evaluation. Mar today's most tests used and is considered to be helpful in diagnosis , \"he said .
people diagnosed with narrow channels in proportion to the non-surgical treatment of diseases , emphasizing that given Exp . Dr. Aysegul awesome, \"These treatments'conservative treatment'is called . Conservative treatment with lumbar spinal stenosis is not corrected but more pain and functional spine is achieved. Drug treatment of pain is intense first period to reassure aims . Physical therapy spine in the muscles around the circulation by increasing the region's recovery the process is accelerated and the muscles strengthen firmer lumbar aims . applicable physical therapy program and deep tissue heating , to relax muscles nerve endings that pressure elimination is intended. treatment manually in the soft tissues and the waist of the rear mounting of the mobilization of the patient quickly relax and muscle relaxation by allowing people provides rapid return to activities of daily living . Hillterap the ( laser therapy ) around the spine and treatment of deep-seated muscle groups that can be achieved , \"he said .
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Aysegul Awesome gave the following information:\"The patient's posture and muscle evaluation of the patient's functional loss and is evaluating whether it will be created with the condition of the patient-specific planned physical therapy program and later organized workouts with the patient's quality of life is increased and pain is eliminated. Conservative treatment unresponsive to patients those with bladder and bowel control disorder , severe numbness in the feet , tingling and loss of power , which is within walking distance and quality of life severely impaired in descending those who are candidates for surgical treatment of patients . \"

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