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  • 27 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 09:52

Cinema Audience \"love\"I Chose

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His first film phenomenon turned into \"Fig Jam \"second of the series'Fig Jam 2'at the end of the second week was also the most watched film in theaters .

His first film phenomenon turned into \"Fig Jam \"second of the series'Fig Jam 2'at the end of the second week was also the most watched film in theaters . Photo number over 750 thousand spectators in total after that last movie lost text on screen, tells the story of progress on with his life .'Toll side is somewhat reflected the first film , I think the latter reflected in our soul. We did the latter this reason already ,'said the Dean , related to the attention of the audience how happy she is in , she went to the concert and conducted an exclusive interview with Dawn Pekdemir voiced in Paris. Photo fig jam 2'< strong> tHE HEROES OF LOVE , OVER tHE CITY OF PARIS TA TELL Photo starring entering the vision they share on October 17, Fig Jam great with 2 movies Pekdemir acclaimed Dean and Dawn , was in love in Paris. Photo \"dead are deceived ? you'd rather die than to live how you like your love ?\", \"What is the meaning of love for you?\"As the film also made an exclusive interview in which binary France chat about topics that focus . Photo \"at the audience with a sequel Fig Jam 2 and you are in Paris for now I love the city. You want to say what's under the Eiffel ?\"question to Dean , \"one of the biggest reasons that the city of Paris's love in Europe and selected as the venue was taken of the most beautiful love movies in the world. Although it was the place that Tarlabasi was maybe in there. This we do we're , unfortunately, we've failed. Or did we be overlooked . Yeşilçam'ın also so because ultimately we can not underestimate . amazing place in an incredibly beautiful film shoot because we had . the language of the most beautiful love films described here always , \"he replied in words. Photo \"love is right for you ? \"Dawn Pekdemir the question , \"I think love \"it \"being ! Being on the downside, its also that you like being the same person . homogenization to love !\"he replied. Photo Eiffel Tower went there two posing for photos, this beautiful atmosphere, Eiffel accompanied by romantic lights together did not forget to ride the carousel . de Paris at the Photo Fans were great interest Halil Sezai . Halil Sezai jokes with lots of photos taken in Paris with Turkish fans did not forget to long chat . Also a concert that Dean at the same time in Paris , gave place in the repertoire of the parts in the film. Written and directed Photo Aytaç welcomes's , Dean Martin , the Dawn Pekdemir , Sinan Çalışkanoğlu , BKM by Selim Ahmed and Ahmed Uzi starred made \"Fig Jam 2\"filled with love story on screen continues to meet with the audience. Photo

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