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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:59

Denizli in the Wild

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Denizli on the application made ​​by the family of a missing 16-year-old's body was found buried though .

Denizli news: Photo of Denizli in the morning incident occurred in the neighborhood of the Urban Forest Bağbaşı . Regional Directorate of Forestry workers in the morning he saw a hand in the bushes while working in forested areas . Status report immediately to the police that forest workers, then went with the police near the body . Crime scene investigation teams around doing research , a woman's shoe , near the place where the incident occurred was found. The process began after the prosecutor's removal of the body to arrive . Regional Directorate of Forestry workers cut the bushes with a chainsaw before , then started digging and shoveling work to remove the body. Was reached after lengthy study of man's body . The body Photo by over 16-year-old was determined that the identity of Honor Sandal . Honor Sandal disappeared a week ago and 4 days ago in Denizli family was determined that he lost contact the Police Department . While continuing after examination of removal Photo bodies , police officers took him to police to take statements from the working forest found the body .
Road funeral transport corpses waiting to be taken to the family of the diagnosis and Pamukkale University Hospital for autopsy is raised, the police launched a large-scale investigation of the incident.

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