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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:39

Diyarbakır Police Attacks

Diyarbakır Police Attacks
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1 Diyarbakir police officers organized armed attacks on police intervened in a fight between the two groups were injured.

Diyarbakır news: Photo According to information received from the event . District town of Larissa martyrdom occurred on 55th Street . Police officers who fought in the region to separate the two groups involved in the fight to separate interjected . Groups fled to the streets of the police intervened . To separate groups with weapons in their hands while trying to call the police teams entering the street , was attacked by an armed attack one of the groups that fight. In responding to public order incidents , an armed attack on the police officer Diyarbakir with 112 emergency service ambulance from the scene of Education and Research Hospital, made ​​by removing the Dagkapi Campus after the first treatment were referred to Dicle University Research Hospital. Photo On the other hand fight that and 1 police officer while fleeing from the region after two groups of individuals in the event that caused the injury , a comprehensive study was initiated to locate the fleeing party . Police officer whose gun fight was reported that continuing the investigation to determine if common . Photo Diyarbakır Police Chief Halis Böğürc is that the police intervened fighting armed attack and said that events in one injured police officer . Böğürc , said that the multi-faceted investigation into the incident started.

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