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  • 28 Mayıs 2014, Çarşamba 10:32

Education Technology Summit at YTU

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Yıldız Technical University ( YT ), the Educational Technology Summit has begun .

Yıldız Technical University ( YT ), the Educational Technology Summit has begun . The summit's opening speech by Albert Einstein to do with hologram .
in Turkey Education Technology Summit that will take place for the first time has begun . May 31, 2014 Saturday, Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Davutpaşa on the campus at the convention center which will take place at the summit educators, tech companies , entrepreneurs, executives and media representatives came together experts in the field of domestic and foreign speakers with day organized workshops and panels , training to talk . The summit's opening speech by Albert Einstein to do with hologram . Einstein , history, education and technology today compared to that , the reviews will be transferred .
Yildiz Technical University Academic Activities Commission of the summit coordinator Isil Boy Educational Technology Summit's goals and programs with the following sentence was passed:
\"Education Technology Summit goal of technology and the Internet is shaping today's world new questions directing the new educational trends, learn how and best practices inspired to be motivated . based on this planned panels successful speakers will take place. nearly 50 speakers , different panels and sessions of e-learning , neurological aspects of education, technology integration, leadership in the digital world , will share their experiences on topics such as role plays . \"
part of the event is one of the social media session, \"Much of Followers speak up! \"Wood guy twitter phenomenon in the panel , \"How to become a personal brand ? Mass mobilization is how ? Reputation , crisis management and the perception of how it is done? \"In addressing such issues , Yıldız Technical University, Media Consultant and author of the book Social Media wars Sanlav hope will draw attention to social media addiction . Teyfur Erdoğdu and Yalcin like a bee publisher and social media expert in names also experience and observations to pass for the event , created # ETZ14 hashtag throughout the day with shares to be made .
educational Technology Summit workshops and panels in the foyer next to the street children hope, education and social field \"children of Hope Association \"fundraiser will take place. Also to be launched in collaboration with the Animal Rights Federation assistance for stray animals will be collected at the stand , will be informed about animal rights . Soma is effective at the end of the summit in terms of social responsibility in the mining disaster assistance to the families of the miners who lost their lives to be 301 .

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