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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:51

Election Excitement in the Women's Council

Election Excitement in the Women's Council
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Denizli Municipality City Council 21.Seçiml the Annual General Meeting is held.

Denizli news: Photo Denizli Municipality City Council Women's Assembly , the Ordinary General Meeting was held at 21.Seçiml Çatalçeşme Room Theatre. General Assembly Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci'nin wife Aisha when Zeybekci , Zola Denizli Mayor Osman and his wife Berri's Zola, Denizli Governor Şükrü Kocatepe the wife of Sultan Kocatepe , Denizli Deputy Bilal Ucar's wife Güldali Fly, Brigade Commander Brigadier General Erhan Long's wife, Sibel Long, Municipality Chairman of the City Council Ali miller , district mayors wives and attended by many guests. Photo city Council Women's Assembly President Gülnur gouge , Women's Council works to support that Mayor Zola and city Council President millers to he thanked .
Metropolitan the Mayor Osman Zolan , Kent expressed the Council is starting a movement with the basics of Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci'nin dream and desire , \"together under one roof with disabilities , together instead of fighting one single the fulfillment of the demands with the struggle and our dream of solving the problem. Young get a council can express himself istendi.çocuk our get a council istendi.b of forms , as well as our society half and our society to pass we are growing with our main motion , our spouses , our siblings, which is very valuable , our sisters where the ladies get a Women's Council was asked . Thank God he continues to grow start every day , \"he said . In the past today to Women's Council under the chairmanship of carrying out the tasks and labor President Zolan thanking the women activities , Women's Council of the Metropolitan with just embraces everyone with 19 districts not in the center way of working drawing attention to the need to continue and wished the general Assembly will be beneficial .
Economy Minister also Zeybekci'nin wife Aisha when Zeybekci , stating that takes place in the Women's Council of the organization , \"the Women's Council that brought much rather a large function I have personally witnessed . What can be achieved as a woman , how can I şahidiy that contribute to Denizli in cooperation with all institutions. I would like to thank everyone who took part from the establishment. After my faith again that it will achieve very good job of hearts multiplier for Denizli forever , \"he said .
The election results go as a single list , Bilsen Ozen Women's Assembly of the new administration was elected to the presidency consisted of the following names:Photo \"Ümmühan Akkus, Melahat Damgacıog , the Selma Erkan, Ilkay Falcons Evocators , Züleyha early , Nuran Helvacılar , Nurcan undressed , Aynur religious, Oya Cantürk , Farida Fakıoğl , the Blessing Gokce, Zişan Akyol . \"photo Osman Zolan , posed for a souvenir photo with the new President Bilsen care and management.


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