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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:41

Elven Ministers:\"3 . North Marmara Motorway bridge And we finished the End of 2015 \"

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Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan , 3rd and North Marmara Motorway bridge would be completed by the end of 2015 .

İstanbul news: 3. The airport's Elvan react well to criticism on the ground , \"certainly the relocation of the airport not the case ,\"he said .
Minister Lutfi Elvan , after studying over expanding the Ataturk Airport answered questions of journalists. Noted that in the double-digit growth of the aviation sector in Turkey speed Elven, \"We will continue the growth . All growth , all simulations, made ​​all the technical and scientific studies also show this. Our least we would not be the third airport . Again we look at the position of Istanbul in particular for Asia , the Far East, the Caucasus , the Middle East , to Africa, to Europe, a route which you can find the cheapest travel the shortest way you look in that direction. Therefore, only our own national company , we are proud Airlines, other local not by our company , in case the preferred base by international airline companies and will continue to be preferred to in the future , \"he said .
third havalimanıyla should be proud of each Republic of Turkey citizens to transfer Elven, \"each of our media arm the each a civil society is an investment in our organization and will be honored and proud of every individual in this country. We first asked the question in our trip out of every dorm'in what developments in the third airport situation?'them why so concerned . The third airport is one of the sine qua non for us. Turkey's really both regional in this area, in terms of being both a global power , both in terms of its contribution to the aviation industry , \"he said . Photo Ministers Elven, has responded to the criticisms about the third airport in place . It indicates that the swamp location of the Elven , \"Dozens of pit coal mining was done there for years , whose voice was up to today? Which one of you reacted ? There were carved in the year , was transformed into a swamp. Here we offer the service of this country, the true meaning of this quagmire. Many locations in the location can not be entered . Oral will be put in order , in a sense, both in Istanbul , Turkey, the well will be a shuttle will be available to the entire world market , \"he said .
\"Changing the location of the airport is definitely not the case , \"said Elva , \"They wrote very curious I would . If they really love this country as much as they want to say something jot this country's sake should stay behind the airport. I have difficulty understanding it. You're building the world's largest airport and you build this airport without removing any money from the state coffers while building this airport each year, and € 1 billion , you put money into state coffers in 32 quadrillion , is being challenged though . The world's going to be such a project which country , the state coffers will not get any money and will take 3 quadrillion money to the state coffers every year and this project'no'they will say , \"he said . Photo Baklan Lutfi Elvan , the regional aircraft manufacturing is also the one of 2023 stating , \"Their local , regional manufacturing our plane. If we achieve this, especially cross flights from additional manufacturing of it even before we go cross flight. Today 7 flights provided to the different provinces of Turkey from the center or from the airport 52 airport will be from 7 maybe 7 airport will be 15 , will be 20 . Now they will have the opportunity to use between provinces as people planes a minibus \"he said . Photo Ministers Elven , stating that passed through the Dardanelles bridge on the question of a press officer, said:\"At the moment the current arrangements , which will be the Canal Istanbul that the airport could be built without the use of material. Channel does not take place in Istanbul, the third airport in the form of a thesis does not occur completely wrong. One of the most important problems of transportation Istanbul . In this regard we have launched the North Marmara Motorway Project , Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge continues . By the end of 2015 we will complete the North Marmara Motorway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Also cut up to Kınalı from Tekirdag Odayeri Again we have the tender announcement. Çanakkale, Tekirdağ will go up after we motorway , the motorway will go down Çanakalle , there will unite with Istanbul-Izmir Highway . We passed through the Dardanelles and the bridge. Our work continues with that . In fact, our project has been completed , but I my friends, we may need in the future where a railway line , so get in on our rail line project'Our friend said, and in this framework are revised project. So obviously we want to spend on a railway line bridge over the Dardanelles . \"

Elven Ministers:\"3 . North Marmara Motorway bridge And we finished the End of 2015 \"" comments for.


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