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  • 06 Mayıs 2014, Salı 11:06

English Learning Tricks

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English language is the world's easiest reading and contrary to popular belief not talking unfolded Özay said Mustafa , both Turkish and English was also stated that only three of sentence structure .

English is the world's easiest language and that contrary to popular belief not talking reading unfolded said Mustafa Özay , both Turkish and English only three of sentence structure that was expressed.
In 3rd world countries even graduated from high school with very comfortable that uses learning English in Turkey it is getting harder with each passing day . From the Ottoman Empire beginning and until today Learn English inability to solve the problem posed method the heads of the more stirring , indicating that Turkey Translators Association translators from and's owner Mustafa Özay , English learning tips and tricks in Turkey and the language during training made ​​mistakes evaluated . English is the world's easiest language saying that the Özay , \"Both Turkish and English only 3 sentence structure there . So you write and talk are the third sentence structure different from the structure does not enter . Therefore English as it may seem difficult , but is an easy language . Already so easy not exist, the world language could and billions of people did not talk . However, a systematic structure there and this by analyzing the need to understand , \"he said .
teaching English in Turkey the dating stage used in the mold of sentences go beyond whether and learn English to be able to master the language very well Knowing that you need said Mustafa Özay , \"Turkish what's so English is so good you'll learn. their native language in your noun, adjective , gerund , participle , adverbial and indirect object as the grammar rules you do not know in a different language to know this is very difficult. we, Turks, English we can only meet and he takes 5 minutes . memorized sentences when finished mold'I understand, but I do not speak'we use expressions like . To overcome this you need to learn the language first . Then work to be done is to read constantly . Language not talking reading develops , \"he said .
Language , a translation process is an expression that Özay ,\"in your mind that you create an idea of how fast from Turkish to English if you turn so fast that speak English and would write . The aim is to establish language sentences . Who knows how to put words to speak , read, understand and writer. Taught English for many years in Turkey are attempting to fill in the blanks with the system but encountered a stranger arrives'I will build a sentence and leave some empty space'does not. In the same way'necessary to consider English to speak English'not such a case . It is not required to write or speak English , and such a thing is not possible. No Turkish , English can not imagine , \"he said .
Market in Turkey is very difficult to learn English with the education that emphasizes Özay ,\"you can not teach English in Turkey in general . Language training, are attempting to divide it into the number of various currencies . 8 establishes what if we wanted to divide Turkish grammar of how we decide where we will put ? I know a language or two dry what does that mean ? Languageis known , 25 percent ? Or a language you know or do not know. Therefore English; course system , hypnosis, sleep learning , tactics and techniques with methods such as can not learn , \"he said .
English learned in the Internet environment Using dictionaries ought to stating Mustafa Özay ,\"my students homework promise and the literature I want them to . However, unfamiliar words from the dictionary is not in the Internet environment , giving labor needed to find through conventional dictionaries say. Because it will not work without labor , \"he said . University in the years that refer to a translation agency to remove the money and so far close to 250,000 pages translated literature scan Özay said ,\"I'm translating pages 200-250 in 24 hours . However, this situation did not rhyme . I turn off my allowance apply for my college years in the office gave me a 4 page translation and wanted me to finish up the evening . It's hard to turn , though I'm finished. Today, pages 200-250 translation in a period of 24 hours if you can do it in one year I gave you owe it to labor , \"he said.

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