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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:46

Established in Denizli Stand For Organ Donation

Established in Denizli Stand For Organ Donation
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Denizli by the General Secretariat of the Association of Public Hospitals'Organ Donation Week'was established within the activities Delikliçın Square stands in front of Denizli Municipality .

Denizli news: Photo Denizli Secretary General of the Association of Public Hospitals Open . Dr. Osman Acar, General Secretariat employees and citizens visited the stand of the State Executive of the Denizli State Hospital with Servergazi invited to make organ donation. Open the Secretary-General . Dr. Osman Acar, November 3 to 9 Organ Donation stating that they organize various activities on behalf draw attention to the importance of organ donation because of the Week at one of these events said that the stand of organ donation that was founded to challenge Delikliçın . Acar, \"Denizli draw attention to the Public Hospitals Union General Secretariat of the organ donation and in order to increase the number of organ donations in Denizli , we organized this week many events. Education Directorate in cooperation with the making about 120 schools in our province in the past month 16 thousand 9th grade students were given training by our coordinators organ Transplantation .'re doing to our people stand in providing information about organ Donation , we describe the importance of organ donation . in addition, our booth we doldurtuy form to assist those who wish to become an organ donor , \"he said . more than 60 thousand in photo Turkey person he expects organ and explaining that this number every year 7 thousand people added Acar, \"in our country, according to the organs and tissues of patients waiting list issued by the Ministry of Health most kidney, cornea , liver, heart , and there is need for pancreas transplants. the number of contribution cadaver organs can be received through the donation of organs after death unfortunately is still very low. Average annual number of cadaveric organ donation is around 350 . Unfortunately, these organs are not able to meet the needs of the number of waiting. In our country, our people have an organ transplant every 2 hours unfortunately losing his life while waiting . Many of our citizens are waiting for an organ donation to keep living . Is an organ to save a life . Therefore we invite all our people as the Association of Public Hospitals included in organ donation , \"he said .


Established in Denizli Stand For Organ Donation" comments for.


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