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Favorite Female 53 years Awaits

Favorite Female 53 years Awaits
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Manisa Municipality remaining 72-year-old Niya Stars in nursing homes, waiting for a girl like 53 years ago.

Manisa news: Manisa Municipality remaining 72-year-old Niya Stars in nursing homes, waiting for a girl like 53 years ago.
Manisa Municipality remaining Niyazi Stars in nursing, was born in the district of Manisa Akhisar. Manisa Akhisar settled at a young age left the Stars, at the age of 19 periods of Manisa prosecutors nephew fell in love with a girl named Necla. Neclace kavuşamayan a kind of Star, wrote a letter to him as a last resort and was sentenced to 6 months because of the letter. After getting out of prison to continue life star, forget the woman he loves by the way has never married. In Manisa 53 years ago lived the Stars, said:"The 19-year-old bakery worker was. A girl I saw. O daughter of an opinion insanely loved. These girls, she period Manisa prosecutor's nephew AnIymIş., His father Trade School Director. Kızlan a kind of I could not speak. Eventually the girl wrote a letter. letter, 'If I do not shoot you' I said. them, you caught me to the police station took. Text me because she can not deny Even though I, the type I realized that. put me in jail. prison always Necla Ms. poems I wrote. out of jail after my whole life to her poems I wrote. Later I learned that, in Ankara moved. love someone else did. bakery did. retired after children's toys sold, turşuculuk did. Afterwards I came here. Photography'm doing now."That spent their days at the Stars, said:"Prison life is very difficult. There was a garden. Whole day pacing was spent. Adversity full was a process. Incoming outgoing would not."
" LAST TIME I WANT TO SEE "I was staying in a nursing home for about 10 years
about the Stars During his stay, said he had a spiritual descendants. Spiritual descendants mentioned the Star, he said:"a grandson I have made here. A girl came to me, 'Come Niyazi uncle you to the movies take you,' he said. Us also invited somewhere to attend and would not. On that day, today is my granddaughter, I'm it."Necla wife never forget and end once you get to see him that wants Star, finished by saying:"The Necla wife one last time, though I want to see, but where I will see that? She now grandchildren have become. Soon does want I suppose."

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