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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 19:01

Free Travel Cost of elderly 40 Million Pound

Free Travel Cost of elderly 40 Million Pound
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Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the year of the municipality to travel free citizens over the age of 65 , he said he brought extra charge of $ 40 million .

Bursa news:
Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, the Metropolitan District Council at its meeting in November announced thoughts about Bursa logo. Provincial Assembly on Wednesday council regular meeting held at the Conference Hall , Bursa Governor commissioned by and recently publicized Bursa city logo to criticism answering President Altepe relationship, the logo is the result of good faith efforts , stressing that he would contribute to the promotion of Bursa if adopted. Logo work of the former governor Şahabettin that Harpoot timely initiated and largely completed, while the introduction Governor Munir explained that coincided with the Karaloğlu period Altepe President , \"There's a bona fide attempt .'Logo appears when Bursa be remembered ,\"he made ​​was a work . I hope to keep it and customarily time will contribute to Bursa, \"he said.
President Altepe , the council meeting, held in Lotus River clean flow studies also referred to the 10 percent hike with transportation . The most radical steps they took in the lotus of the clean flow , İsmetiye creek to the left dirty waste reaches Niüfer by Deliçay , here in the Sea of ​​Marmara polluted emphasizing the President Altepe , \"we attribute to now there collectors all pollutants. Areas Demirtas and İsmetiye process was completed. large factories are all connected one by one.committed to remove all of the pollutants . As soon as we imagine the stream of our clean flow , and there fishing , \"he said.
President Altepe , transportation hike and is on the free travel of over 65 national central responsibility he stated that in government. Unless there is profit in transportation , the main objective is to serve underlines the President Altepe , although not told 10 percent hike in transportation damage is still working . Free travel to the citizens of 65 years subject to clarifying Altepe President noted that it is impossible to apply it. 65 years citizens of the Metropolitan of travel for free Municipality annual 40 million worth of extra burdens brought emphasizing the President Altepe , \"We're here just for the public service . We have to be sure Harm . We have to accept additional budget annual 40 million worth not possible. the central government budget have to be transferred . we also transfer Thread weekend our prime minister . I hope has the solution , \"he said .
Altepe President , Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and 18 metropolitan mayors on the agenda within 1 month Bursa contacts of the council members about the Municipality's activities, which informed . On the other hand, the ordinary council meeting in November in the plenary meeting held BUSKI BUSKI before the 2015 budget was accepted as 924 million TL .

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