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  • 19 Eylül 2014, Cuma 14:03

From Childhood to Adulthood'Attention Deficit'and'Hyperactivity'Disorder

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in patients with the right treatment , 90 percent responded to treatment with the methods specified.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in patients with the right treatment , 90 percent responded to treatment with the methods specified. Trabzon
Medical Park Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Kandemir, adults and children can be found in attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder information on giving , \"Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) , childhood , starting frequency and severity decreased and continued to sustain attention deficiency and hyperactivity and impulsivity, manifested by disorder ,\"he said .
in girls carelessness in the foreground indicating that Kandemir, \"Worldwide studies as a result of children and adolescents percent ratio between 3-8 adults per cent for 1-6 percent aged 40 years or over less than 1 percent has been reported . childhood in men 10 times more , in adulthood male-female ratio close to each other can be seen. ADHD three types are described. Carelessness at the forefront of that type , hyperactivity and impulsivity at the forefront of that type, compound type , \"he said .
Attention problems people in the mostly from one job to another noted that finish Kandemir, \"Caution problem of children living unplanned work , is irregular and chaotic . Mostly another pass before the end of a job , it's mind does not listen to what is said elsewhere and are in the impression . Disruptions in finishing work , such as inability to grasp and understand what is described depends on just carelessness . Editorial attention-requiring concentration , such as homework and refrain from activities , they do not like and extreme discomfort . Use tools and equipment they lose , they are often forgetful , they miss appointments , forget to pay their bills . Hyperactivity problems and those living in places not stop the rush has , wiggling ErdUrlAr so speak , in the hands of a continuous shale play in the hands and feet shake-up , go at any time there are like , civil unrest expression. While watching TV in meetings at work, get water and coffee , go to the bathroom , etc. place with the excuse of the up and sit again . Impulsivity problems , can not wait for the order , impatient questions, respond immediately completed , mixed intervene in the activities of others , others inhibit , others may close their speeches in lack pouch . Suddenly resigns , Fiscal budget audit the money to spend , sexual impulses prevents have difficulty \"he said .
Attention disorder people start to have difficulty and often have delayed stressed Kandemir, \"A combination of many committed hassle and finishing difficulties , insecure feel for a long period of unhappiness , feeling impulsive behavior engage in continuous diddle , failure, insecurity, a sense of emptiness , frustrated , feeling stress and coping ,'of puff at start as there are symptoms . These people are constantly in pursuit of excitement , to say the last word is said from the beginning , is forced to wait in the queue , school, professional achievements to your friends on a similar level of intelligence is lower than its capacity can not reach a level compatible . To recognize ADHD ; school, work, home and social situations that may arise in various fields such distortion must be shown . Symptoms usually playgrounds, classrooms, home environment or in the business environment will occur. Therefore, information should be gathered from many sources and individual behavior in different environments and when assessment should be made by investigating whether there is impairment , \"he said .

From Childhood to Adulthood'Attention Deficit'and'Hyperactivity'Disorder" comments for.


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