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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:34

German Minister Fatma Şahin Merk'Views

German Minister Fatma Şahin Merk'Views
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Bayern Germany Independent State Minister Dr.

Gaziantep news: Beate Merk, Gaziantep Metropolitan visited Fatma Şahin Mayor . Photo Merkur certain information relating to Gaziantep transfer of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin , the world countries in order to avoid another war and said that their managers large tasks down. < br/> Minister Merkur Gaziantep has a very strong economic structure has stated that Falcon was noted that 1 market for German industry in Gaziantep . Sahin, Merka summarized in Syrian refugee status in Gaziantep. Photo Germany's world is much more powerful and important message that the capacity to express the Falcon, \"Because you do not have any country. You are a country that can give important messages to the world . your leader of the powerful state of a very powerful country. you have that can bring the educational issues in the international arena on the agenda. Because it's not just a matter of Turkey , \"he said .
President Sahin, more powerful projects in the eyes of the international community, the more quickly be mobilized by the coordination he emphasized the need . Photo underlines the negative impact that war to peace in the world Sahin, a less powerful than warm to prevent war should reveal the world agenda , he said. Sahin, \"The world is experiencing events Judging by regional differences occurred . No matter where or Whereas human beings where he lives , language, religion , sect , and no matter what color we are to protect the life rights of these people should be the main task of our . The world has spent two great wars. Did not show anyexamples of them . we like falling managers great things about it is the authorities. I need to do better and innovative reforms \"the assessment found .
LIVING Syrian doubled GAZİANTEP iN EU COUNTRIES TA lIVES Photo Fatma Sahin, 4 years since that about 1.5 million Syrian refugees entered Turkey and said that they try to survive in Gaziantep, about 350 thousand of this number . To increasing social problems with the Syrians in Gaziantep Referring Falcon, \"Government , city people , we realize very serious social assistance programs with municipalities and non-governmental organizations . Located in the EU 150 thousand Syrian refugees has 2 solid Gaziantep. 50 thousand Syrians, 30 thousand in the camp the 270 thousand lives across the city of Gaziantep. this number more water , housing , roads, social support , material, all kinds of spiritual needs support. this , as well as training in the field of 60 thousand Syrian students who need help are able to only 20 thousand to education. Education we know that it is important and we think it is a serious source of an ignorant society's future terrorist organization. we want to cooperate with this issue in a country like Germany for the formation of robust infrastructure . this we want to mobilize as soon as perform in a coordinated manner , \"he said . < br/> Turkey's most powerful ally President stressed that the Falcon, \"the recent economic crisis has become a model in Turkey is the world that managed to stand on their feet ,\"he said . Photo Merkur is, of Gaziantep Syrian name of the assistance has demonstrated towards refugees not only in Germany he said that all the senses in the world. Merkur Photo Thank You for the information given by the President himself , the table is quite clear that the issues of weight training and safety issues , he said . That peacekeeping missions with immersion in a heavy load , usually no country such a responsibility to enter an expression that Merk, \"the continuous refugee \"Guest \"he you're talking about . At first, there isa decoration under it ? I was thinking . But to say that I was impressed with your friendly approach to this problem I would. Turkey, Syrian refugees friendly approaching and I realized that the state policy in the outbreak of a great event , \"he said. President after the Photo Talk Şahin , Minister Merkur Gaziantep unique while copper embroidered dish gift, Minister MERKI the President Fatma Şahin'custom-built e has a wrap gift .


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