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  • 23 Kasım 2013, Cumartesi 01:46

Gifts to Girl Friend:Nearest Best Perfume For Your Friends

Gifts to Girl Friend:Nearest Best Perfume For Your Friends
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Sporting one of your best friend? Other, gimcrack, unorthodox Does someone else? Here you find the best perfume for each of the paths.

Perfume is the perfect gifts for your girlfriends. Your friend has passed through a period of weak or non-clothes in the wardrobe which does not have to worry about what happened. Perfume has always room for a new perfume in our closet.


to perfume gift is a bit on the need to chew. Enjoy your friends' characters and you want to be sure to find the matching perfume. Choose perfumes according to your friend to every job you go on tips from the experts.


Step two:Get Chat.

in Manhattan and the world around many perfumes that MIN New York's perfumery general manager Mindy Yang,"Multi-storey shop or stock with a good drugstore perfume department go to and your friend's character and style in the sales advisor depth Get an instant,"he says.

2 Step two:Ask the right questions.

Yang, perfume before you begin your research suggests asking yourself the following questions:"What kind of friend perfumes normally takes? Sweet? Or Does spicy? Flying is quicker? Or a particular perfume onto the skin in a gentle way does the rest?"Your answers to these questions, your sales consultant, your friend will fit well into perfumes will help correct orientation. Yang, the principles of the shop refund and exchange research reminds you that you need to keep in mind."Gift exchange of note cards. What gift you want the length of the trials. So your friend is able to test the perfume before."

3 step:Refine Perfume categories.

Yang, flirtatious friend and loves to be the center of attention notions of character floral perfume is a kızsa says. Rose, jasmine, orchids, violets and other flowers you will want to smell the fragrance that contains notes. Spicy and fruity notes to be added to the mixture, perhaps you might like.

friend"cool and sexy describes as sweet and you'll want to opt for an extraordinary fragrance,"says Yang."Gourmet"try perfumes from the group. As the name suggests, this perfume of honey, caramel, vanilla, saffron, cumin and cones with notes such as edible.

Your friend comfortable

and plain? When you reach the answering machine, yoga studio, gym or on the hiking trails of saying that? So,"fresh"perfume character fits into the category. Citrus fruit, fresh-cut grass or'll want to choose a perfume that evokes the ocean.

"If you do not know very well a new friend If you are buying perfume for your choice in favor of encouraging use that,"says the general manager of Pastiche, Perfume Custom Dana Knees."A light perfume is always a better choice than heavy ones. Sweet and heavy perfume loved by very few people, and generally this type of perfume lovers who also likes heartwarming.

4 step:Consider your lifestyle.

"Your friend also loved the brave perfume if he spends days in an office environment holder will comply to them,"says producer Tru Fragrance perfume perfume development specialist Renee Bukowski."My favorite perfume would be wiser to opt lightweight versions. These are often called"eau fraiche"or"eau de toilette"are called."

About the Author: Shelley Levitt freelance writer and a former Self magazine
is the editor. Often with text to The Style Glossy Turkey is located.

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