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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:37

Handicapping the case of Re Places

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Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court decided to comply with the Supreme Court's unanimous decision to break the match-fixing case .

İstanbul news: The case again .
Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court , the Supreme Court's Criminal Division 5'football match-fixing'disturbing about 31 suspects related to the case was decided to comply with the provision .
First held in Istanbul 13th Criminal Court hearing , the defendants Mature Peker and Khaldun is that you joined . At the hearing , Sivasspor Club President Majnun Odyakmaz , former Besiktas manager Serdar Adali, Arsenal manager Şekip Mosturoğlu and defendants that there are also some of the players took part represented by a lawyer.
Closed specially authorized Istanbul 16 of the court in the match-fixing trial in the Assize Court 5. the Supreme Court decision was upheld in part by the Department of punishment. Court of Appeals 5th Criminal Chamber of the Otyakmaz Majnun President between Sivasspor, Besiktas's Serdar former manager Islander, Arsenal manager Şekip Mustoroğl of Mature Peker , coach Bulent appropriate, footballers Mehmet Yildiz , Alexander received, Gökçek Vederson , Ibrahim Ali, former football player Umit Karan Besiktas coach Tayfur Havutçu'nun old also partially overturned the conviction on 31 defendants, among others. Overlooking the case file, the Istanbul 16th disturbing decision of the Supreme Court after the closure of the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court was allocated to the Assize Court.
Istanbul 13 31 defendants to stand trial again in a forthcoming trial in the Assize Court . Breaking the Supreme Court to the parties at the hearing despite a judgment will be asked their views .

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