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  • 02 Eylül 2014, Salı 17:39

\"Hard Hook 2\"Coming

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Beloved of millions Hard Hook's second film will be released soon .

Beloved of millions Hard Hook's second film will be released soon . Hard Hook 2 will blow again gale of laughter .
Produced Fantastic Film , director Alper Mestçi undertaken by the \"Hard Hook 2 \"movie on October 24 250 with the copy is entering notation .
of the series in the sequel , has created characters from all sections of the audience likes winning Ismail Maintenance , Fixed hook , as well as characters that annoyed badger and also plays Dilaver Soksan . Moviegoers by the highly anticipated \"Hard Hook 2\"movie Ismail Care last Survivor champion Turabi Çamkıran , Irfan Aslanhan , Drop Ersubaş and clever in January , while accompanied by the volcano Kantoğl and Ahmet Dursun in the film as a guest star role is .
Hard Hook host uncle Rifat , shawls seen on TV that annoyed you want to marry . However, annoyed at the first meeting , Rifat does not like his uncle . Make the hook remains in December , moreover, are obliged to do so because of rent arrears . When trying to hook it Rencide per the daughter of a former lover of Zeliş interests Turabi . Turabi obsessive love to marry Zeliş Rencide bleakest events they missed . Of course that is the task of solving hard hook .

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