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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:33

Increase the Rate of the AK Party Army

Increase the Rate of the AK Party Army
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World Researchers Association ESOMAR member of ORC has announced a total of 11 thousand 353 people in 36 provinces with the results of a survey conducted face to face meetings between 15-25 October.

Ordu news: According to the results of the survey increased their votes the AK Party Army March 30, 2014 local elections. According to a Photo Poll of the Black Sea region as a result , Samsun, took Ordu and Trabzon in the Justice and Development Party closest rival, the Republican People's way ahead of the Party. The survey, carried out in Samsun AK Party, 55.1 percent , 28 percent of the CHP , MHP 8.7 percent , BBP 2.4 percent , 2.1 percent HDPE , SP 1 percent and 2.7 percent of the vote and the other parties . In result in Trabzon, the AK Party , 55 percent , the CHP percent 20.4 , MHP 17.6 percent , SP 3 percent , BBP 2.3 and other parties in 1.7 percent of the vote.
Army Mayor according to the survey results Ordu Enver Yılmaz's vote increased significantly. March 30, 2014 local elections across the province in 54.35 percent of votes the AK Party , took first place with 58.1 percent. AK Party's vote has increased by approximately 4 percent according to the latest survey results . It was a close follower of the CHP with 25 percent of the vote. CHP in the local elections March 30, 2014 in the province had received 34.21 percent . According to these results , the CHP has lost blood Army . The MHP's share of the vote was announced as 13 percent. MHP March 30, 2014 the Army had received votes in local elections in the province percent ratio of 8:16 . ORC according to the latest survey from the CHP votes went passed the MHP . BBP 1.9 percent , 0.7 percent HDPE , SP and other parties 0.5 percent of the vote by 0.8 percent.

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