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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:05

Iso Industry Development Prospects index was 121.0

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Istanbul Industrial Development Index was 121 in November forecast .

İstanbul news: Photo from the Istanbul Chamber of Industry ( ISO ), according to the statement, input the same month the Prices Index was 73.0 . The second half of an extremely volatile session following the Industrial Development Index 2013 ( SGA) on top of an increase of three months after being dropped to 88.1 in January rose to 117.2 level and gave a reduced appearance between May and July and 66.3 up to declined.
in August 2014 the index rising 81.4 to 26.6 points in September has increased to 100 and 108 re-appeared on the threshold . Index over the same month in the previous year had seen a decrease of 25 percentage points . September 2014, all of the sub-indices that make up the Industrial Development Index as well as in August were above the neutral level of 100 compared to the previous month , and all sub-indices showed improvement in varying proportions . Both exports and positive developments in the September index was effective for the increase in domestic sales . Occupation Committees expectations SSRIs in October 2014 months from the beginning of the series with 133.5 to reach the highest point , and in November 2014 was the direction to occur at such a high level despite recording a slight decline 121 .
ISO Input Price Index ( GFA ) is a slight decrease of 9.9 percentage points from the previous month in September 2014 , compared to the same month of the previous year, showing an increase of 9.2 percentage points stood at 79.4 . In September 2014, workers'wages was corruption index improvement was seen in the other indices. All sub-indices a sharp decline of 29.4 percentage points in September 2014, commercial loan rates forming gfe index to decline with 79.4 remained below the neutral value of 100 . Stayed in other words, all these indicators in the majority negative watch which direction the evaluations. Photo Professional Committees October and GFA expectations of, respectively, 81.1 and 73 for November 2014, will continue in these negative trends related to input prices months reflected the expectations. ISO Professional Committee according to the October 2014 month survey, in 2014, Turkey's per cent GDP growth rate of 3.4 , while the year-end inflation rate of domestic producer prices of 8.5 percent for the index Consumer Price Index estimates to be realized as 8.8 percent .

Iso Industry Development Prospects index was 121.0" comments for.


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