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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 21:17

Izmir North Public Hospital Association 2 year

Izmir North Public Hospital Association 2 year
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General Secretariat of the Ministry of Health Izmir 2nd Anniversary celebration of North CHB crowned with TSE EN ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certificate.

İzmir news: Founded in November 2012 İzmir North CHB General Secretariat of the Organization celebrates 2nd anniversary with a ceremony prepared . Since its inception, the dedicated efforts of the ongoing General Secretariat also in a short span of 2 years TSE ISO is having the honor of entitlement to EN 9001-2008 Quality Certificate . Photo 2 . Anniversary of the TSE ISO ceremony combined with EN 9001-2008 Quality Certificate celebration, the General Secretariat of the historic environment , Governor Mustafa Toprak, Mr. Deputy Governor Celal Ulusoy , TSE ISO Aegean Region Coordinator and Izmir certification Manager Omar Eyüpoğlu , Provincial Deputy Director of Public Health Dr. Fatma Alpay , Izmir South CHB General Secretariat of Administrative Services , Dr. Ashraf Okunakol , Izmir North CHB Secretary General Prof. Osman Nuri Wishes , Head of Medical Services Specialist . Dr. Mustafa Swallow , Administrative Services , Dr. Mustafa Independence , Financial Services Chairman Abdullah KORUKÇU , hospital administrators, and was held in the mood for celebration with the participation of employees.
First engaged in the conversation TSE ISO Aegean Region Coordinator and Izmir Certification Manager Omar Eyüpoğlu , quality certification earn it the importance of touched . Due to the organization's entitlement to quality certification in a short period of two years , Mr. notifying the greeting Eyüpoğlu General Secretariat of the TSE ISO has expressed his happiness due to merge with EN 9001-2008 quality certificate ceremony for the 2nd anniversary celebration. Photo Izmir North CHB Secretary General Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Wishes \"three presidents and the way we started with four people as a general secretary, about 7500 staff two years, the 3500 contract and we feel our nation serving the honor with 140-strong contingent staff. 2nd anniversary of our TSE ISO have crowned with EN 9001-2008 Quality Certificate. all my colleagues who contributed to get to this stage , hospital administrators, labor since our chief and our organization, thank you very much to everyone . in addition to the release of this document stage of education and contributions due to Mr. TSE ISO I thank the Aegean Region Coordinator and Izmir Certification Manager Omar Bey and TSA officials . good luck to our institution , \"he said . Mr speaking as a Photo Last Governor Mustafa Toprak, \"get the quality certificate is to evaluate an externally monitored by another agency and it is important . But the main consideration in the eyes of the public is to ensure the satisfaction and quality health care. Thank you to all employees and medical staff who contributed to this satisfaction. Establishment of 2 Izmir deserves quality certificate in the anniversary of the North CHB General Secretariat I think this date is a sense of my presence in the actual celebration in the building , \"he said . Mr. Referring to the importance of places with people , our Governor emphasized the importance of touch history where our building , the building's restoration and the Health Museum he noted that in many parts of projects. Mr. Referring to the importance of moving to the future of the past by creating a Provincial Health Museum, Governor Mustafa Toprak history, our country in terms of culture and tourism and pointed out the necessity of establishing a health museum worthy of our province . \"İzmir took a is a health city and will be an international health city it has structure . \"he said. Photo from prepared in November 2012 by the General Secretariat of the presentation of the projects done since and there are nice snapshot and TSE ISO celebration with cocktails made ​​after the EN 9001-2008 Quality Certificate presentation ceremony ended the ceremony. General Secretary of the General Secretariat of the historic building after the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Mr. Osman Nuri browsing Dilek accompanied Governor Mustafa Toprak building that contributed to our work to become the Health Museum , he said.

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