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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 21:23

Mahçiçek:\"There Power Behind our success we have received from you \"

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Kahramanmaras Central Onikişubat Mayor Mahçiçek Hanafi , said they signed important work as soon as the municipality , \"There are forces behind our success, we receive from you ,\"he said .

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Onikişubat Municipality, organized by their union between citizens and breakfast programs continue to strengthen their sense of togetherness . Kahramanmaras spa famous for its place in the program carried out in Ilica people the same as Onikişubat Council meet at the table , we create color images.
Mayor participated in the program Hanafi Mahçiçek , embraced by citizens held intimate conversations . Ilıcası both Ilıcalı for both for citizens coming here for medical tourism more livable place stating that they want to make Mahçiçek , \"power we receive from you behind our success and we have this beautiful union ,\"he said . A new district in the hot spring in Photo subsequent years may be for voicing an effort to build infrastructure Mahçiçek , said:
\"We did after we took office as you know, before a park. then we made our way . we're 45 thousand square meters of parquet total of just the center of our Ilica neighborhood. 110-115 thousand with our surrounding neighborhood We will parquet around square meters. Hopefully the weather will be also made ​​their way in the neighborhood of our entire neighborhood if such nice going. more recently we do here a slaughterhouse for a healthier cut. the poor of our children with the country for the training will do a religious high school . Hopefully spa quarters of our more beautiful our work in development to make a livable neighborhood , we started our work in order to make arrangements that are missing. I hope we will be more beautiful Ilica . \"Photo Onikişubat Municipality services take a very large area in the 128 neighborhood reminiscent of Mahçiçek , \"81 one village settlements have turned into the neighborhood. We have 47 units in the city neighborhoods. We have a total of 128 units in the neighborhood . That's about the way that our work continues in 128 neighborhoods in large areas . Without exception, all of our neighborhood we have the tender ways . We can not be doing 70 years in 70 days . That's the power of this you , the power of our coming together, the power of our union . Let us know the power of these securities. Let's not opportunity for those who want to harm this country. In a stable manner while maintaining our unity and solidarity , we come to a very good point. These beauties, let us know the value of service. I would like to thank sincerely all of you for being with us on the day of the holiday , \"he said .
President Mahçiçek past periods thanked the mayors who served in Ilica . Ilica After breakfast was excavated in the presence of a mosque in the main prayer new to do. found in the examination of the neighborhood Mahçiçek came together at a meeting with the then district heads . Photo Ilica program , the AK Party District President Ahmet Ozdemir, Onikişubat Deputy Mayor Dr. Ali Unsal, Fatih Yogurt, Nihan Büyükderel , citizen councilors and numerous attended.


Mahçiçek:\"There Power Behind our success we have received from you \"" comments for.


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