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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:36

MHP's new City And County Executive Assumes Responsibility

MHP's new City And County Executive Assumes Responsibility
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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) MHP Bilecik province and district management of the Central Executive Committee (CEC ) for termination by the then newly formed government took over the task .

Bilecik news: The new task inherits the
Bilecik MHP Chairman Mehmet Erdem Yilmaz and District Chairman Nazmi , held a press conference at the Presidency building in Bilecik . New Provincial Chairman Mehmet Yilmaz , MHP FMC in the decision taken in accordance with the party , he said to give a seizure changes . Yilmaz, \"bear we received the task of our party to the provincial and district convention to be held at a later time the better. We will continue this task only during the congress. It is our duty from the day will be to move to a single power of our party. All cases my friends every whatever reason have gone to another political party or have to go our party is invited to come together under the umbrella and waiting. so far, our Party to all provincial and district presidents who served , managers, I thank our members and all cases my friends who supported us . I wish God have mercy on those who submitted to the Hereafter . I say the embarrassment this task God our new . What pleased me to , \"he said .
New District Nazmi if Erdem ; Nationalist Movement Party of FMC and the Bureau by with him on November 10, 2014 27 people , consisting of team founder Management stated that authorizes the Board said the words.
\"Of 2014. As you may well know in March tiring and a so intense study we have survived the last local elections in tempo. our party may seem like we win Looking at the results after the local elections has been the winner of the elections , has managed to increase its current share of the vote and gained great favor of Bilecik people. But evil oriented segments to target the course of the best aspects of our party provincial and central district managers for defamation and attrition entered into the effort . All this should be happening close our subsequent Headquarters managers and valuable General Chairman Mr. Devlet Bahçeli our , to eliminate all kinds of troubles and adversities that may occur in our party before the upcoming selective general meeting and all members of our association and the person to pass congress period in a draw Founder and board my friends were appointed as the Board of management . We are aware of the importance and weight of the tasks assigned to us. Myself and our goal as time management will be up to the General Assembly without breaking all our members , without offending , without separation , marginalization , without crime or bucur will make the convention will be in the mood bunch embracing feast. Young, dynamic, hard-working and sparkling , glittering to the Board of Directors would like to thank the friends of people as they hit the road with me in this difficult task . Lord tomorrow and get you help . \"
New founder After the speeches, provincial and internal to the president and board members press is introduced, the party was fitted with the new members to the badges. The press release to , Yenipazar Mayor Ilhan Özkes's , Willow Mayor Halil Aydoğdu old provincial and district presidents and participated in numerous party .


MHP's new City And County Executive Assumes Responsibility" comments for.


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