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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 19:58

Ministers from Güllüce Humorous American Historical Review

Ministers from Güllüce Humorous American Historical Review
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Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce , in his speech in the program participated in Konya found a humorous approach to the history of 200 years of America.

Konya news: Ministers Güllüce visit one of America has accomplished in the past year for which the described 200 years of history \"In my village in my 235 year history through the construction of the barn from my grandfather, \"he said in a witty comment.
Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris Güllüce participate in Konya, where , Environment and Urbanization legislation Applications and made a witty comment in the history of America Meeting of the problem . Konya Organized Industrial Zone Conference Hall organized the meeting, Minister Güllüce in , saying that they were far back as the country , \"We have to make a leap . We have work to do. We've missed the very back by being 300 years. We're running to close this gap, this last 10-15 years , but not enough. We have this's land for 1,000 years . We've be always garrison communities. non-Producing a society is not . one's we've paid for 1,000 years to remain in these lands. this being able to stay in the land that does not single and was supposed to be a garrison community in those days . Today it is not very valid. Still us who consider the song issue , there is a world sees us as we orient problem formation in Anatolia against us . has no place in a non-name in the world to this land already in our ancestors . this name is Anatolia. nowhere in the world homeland's name no'master'is not , \"he said . Photo AMERICAN MAYOR DATE COURSE in the past years a Photo Güllüce his visit to the United States Minister to talk about , \"I went to the mayor of a city in America . The mayor took took us to the historic sites . The man began to throw us history lecture . Told how the rate is a historic city. Your already past 200 years . What will happen if each side of history. But it stands to reason that puts us in touch. Then I look at mister ;'Do not talk about when it comes to one of Turkey neither history nor the history of the building ... My father is from Güllüce village in Erzurum. When I went to my grandfather having recently saw this village barn. Have made ​​history on the ranch . Since the construction of the barn past 235 years . We hope that the historic barn. I told her to beware when they should not talk about history came one from Turkey. Technology from , do not mention the date mentioned, but from space , \"I said ,\"he said. Photo Güllüce Minister's comments sparked laughter in the hall.

Ministers from Güllüce Humorous American Historical Review" comments for.


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