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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:46

Not in the city of 12 thousand 500 people learned about the sea Swimming

Not in the city of 12 thousand 500 people learned about the sea Swimming
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Denizli Municipality , which opened last March at the Swimming Pool Kayıhan gave to swimming training 12 thousand 500 people in 8 months.

Denizli news: Photo Denizli Municipality's service to open in March that Kayıhan Swimming Pool, conscious citizens in modern facilities , served by allowing thousands of people to make regular and free sports . 6 years and older can benefit everyone Kayıhan started swimming after the opening of the Repository courses while still in full swing, the first 8 months, 12 thousand 500 people were given swimming training. 6 serving facilities with expert coaches, children aged 6-15 years , adult women , adult men and were given 4 training courses in groups, including people with disabilities. Also have taken swimming training , while those who just want to benefit from sports facilities as a swimming took place in the free group. The time period of 6 weeks training in Kayıhan the Swimming Pool 2 thousand 500 people have benefited in every period. Since the day of the entry into service of 12 thousand 500 people benefited by Kayıhan Swimming Pool, continues its course within the scope of the Winter Sports School . Photo Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan , since the opening of the facility , noting that place a higher participation rates than they expect to free swimming lessons , \"you remain unfamiliar Swimming'we have come a great distance in our course we started with the motto. since Kayıhan Swimming Pool on the opening of our facility received 12 thousand 500 people swimming training. Denizli we want no one left who can not swim , \"he said .
President Zola, \"Metropolitan Municipality as 25 different Our free courses in the field continues. Denizlililer modern and will continue to increase in the quality of our service to make sports facilities, \"he said.

Not in the city of 12 thousand 500 people learned about the sea Swimming" comments for.


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