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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 08:36

November 10 Message from Altungün

November 10 Message from Altungün
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Old Kuşadası Mayor M.

Aydın news: Esat Altungün, made ​​a statement due November 10 Atatürk Commemoration Day.
November 10 that there is a lost day , emphasizing that it is an entity defense day in Kusadasi former Mayor M. Esat Altungün , message, gave the following opinion:\"Today secular democratic social founder revolution of our leaders of the rule of law , Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, losing our 76 year anniversary . 76 years of course sad , of course, pain is endless but not a lost day today , is an asset to defend days. on November 10 , the Great Leader of the revolution to more we connect , to get out more with the principles and secular democratic social state of law tells of defending sure to provide us with what we once more need and reminds me . We are not a loss today , we have to defend an asset today. We have one hundred percent secular democratic social state of law today we have to get out. ancestors of our revolution , principles , republic , we have to defend modern Turkey . these thoughts and feelings today with our Great Leader Mustafa kemal Ataturk, once again respect and gratitude , \"he said .

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