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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:32

Olive Tree Massacre Description of the Municipality mudanya

Olive Tree Massacre Description of the Municipality mudanya
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Mudanya Municipality, made ​​a statement regarding the news about olive trees cut for a construction Güzelyalı'da .

Bursa news: Photo related to the news yesterday about the olive trees cut for a construction Mudanya did not explain the delay from the Municipality . The statement made by the council, \"Mudanya district buildings were torn down about 100 olive trees by bulldozers within 2 hours for construction \"reminded that the form of expression used , which was the Mudanya Municipality emphasize the absence of a condition with the new administration. The statement, \"said the transaction is H21B19B layouts 215 islands and 99 parcels located in the land characteristic 1 , 50 CACS 0 , 30 TAKS as zoning is the field development plan in the previous period has been approved . the opening region's first development is the date 20.02.1995 . Therefore, the olive tree in olive groves in accordance with current legislation cutting although there is no restriction to the drop area zoning prior to 1996 related to 10 per cent for unfortunately opened areas to development after 1996, a restriction has been said . municipal Us 11/12/2014 date of built architecture front would be in terms of the application made ​​by a demand for non-property owners in addition to those concerning our municipality does not have a legal department . no building permit for the aforementioned etc . is not permitted . However, permission zoning granted in previous periods and housing on the mistakes made in terms of being emerged in this way , Mudanya history is a case periods should be taken as an example in terms of showing what it brought \"the statement said . Photo Mudanya Mayor of Türkyılmaz Hound , Manisa Soma thermal power plant to Yire of the neighborhood of the town stating that should not be done , \"the land of olives and olive preserve our town they founded to improve the working and the reference to such news has disturbed our county we have ,\"he said .

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