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  • 07 Ocak 2014, Salı 00:22

Pain relief in the disaster was Grizu

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In January of 2013 in Zonguldak occurring methane gas disaster anniversary of the deaths of eight workers had pain relief.

In January of 2013 in Zonguldak occurring methane gas disaster anniversary of the deaths of eight workers had pain relief. The families of the deceased miners, the investigation was completed and demanded the punishment of those responsible.
Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) Kozla subcontractors engaged in the placing of the Organization of the gallery workers occurred on January 7, 2013, died in methane gas explosion. Events Hasan Bozaci, Hussein rower Muharram constructor, John Candy, Yuksel husband, Koksal Kadıoğlu Muhsin Akyuz and Sold Arslan killed and seven workers was injured.
Events on the first anniversary if the pain did not quit. The families of workers who died in the disaster, the investigation was completed and called for those responsible to be punished. Grizu disaster deaths Sold Arslan's wife, Judy Armstrong, with three children from his wife remaining life trying to pursue.
Tragedy died in Sold Arslan's wife Judy Arslan, lived after his wife tearfully told an annual process. For his wife read the holy Koran Arslan, explosion near the taken notice stating that said:
"10.30 as the father-in-law called me. Earn the rubble has been news if I am asked. I do not know my father said. Immediate Star called . Koksal brother's team came in the bathroom the moment they said. Bente father-in-law called my situation I have explained. they are right, he survived, were living do not you worry I said. 11.30 as everyone began to arrive. Apparently the sellouts name in television given, but I did not hear. Again there till I I have heard nothing, I did not know. Recent Until Sold for me to live. fuse hospital when I got there early you get it right by touching there figured he was dead. court process still did not start. present until a court told her it was us did not call. employment tribunal was. first report came, The second report is expected to say. them waiting."
"My wife live without have we"
husband lost until the day all the work of her husband doing that expresses Judy Armstrong,"My son is 12 years old birthday will be in January, on the 27th. since her father death in 7 year anniversary there. Small boy 4 years old and she was a week ago birthday had. daughter at the age of 10 to enter. partner live without have we. I until now a certified I did not pay. A buy bread I have not. am a housewife after all. my home need to see I did not go. everything my wife was doing. But now everything I'm doing. Evin both lady and gentlemen as I am. I ever do anything, I can not live I thought, but three children you when you are having"he said.
"DREAM itself COFFIN saw in"
wife often dream itself in the coffin seen in reminding Judy Armstrong, of tears speech concluded:
"My wife already Star Mines an entry in a dream three times his coffin seen in Translation. Cigdem here will get me said. Bender Sold then said do not go. then the outside also can die he told me. my forehead to my post said. He had seen if he knew the age of 36 see how you could feel like. The five daily prayers that made it. My wife's God forever had faith. O some things felt. himself three times before dreamed. leave, I said, I begged. This event survived was a more strictly there would not send. But it is a chance not ours."
January 7, 2013 Day occurring methane gas disaster from the wounded survivor Ayhan Gökgöz, died of workers with their families together"Mining Martyrs Solidarity Association"said that they had established. Event day experiences describing Gökgöz the process said:
"January 7, 2013 Kozlu occurring in mining accidents in the explosion in friends lost, and that blast wounded came'm. We 8 units of our friends in the ground after giving these families what state that these families one has not come out, if it helps, 500-600 pounds a ridiculous salary connect after learning that their midst with the families a and to establish an association decided, and we have established. Now families unity in something we can do by explaining these associations have established.'s been a year nobody helped and the owner came out. herein families of the victims. 500-600 pounds salary one in college, one in high school, one middle school children studied families there. Governor our mayor, our lawmakers help from taking our families to help working. Children scholarships are trying to create."
day of the event describing the Association Chairman Ayhan Gökgöz associations under the umbrella of their study also said:
"on the day I got mine I was in. That incident a terrible event was. want to tell even believe goose bumps. Olaya 100-150 meters was. place 630 meters was under. those memories people not want to remember. Remembering wanted by the consciousness of losing is like. O psychology very heavy psychology. Narrative while trying to Even if my brain is spinning. only that but the eighth one of my friends with my own hands I buried. too big for me pain. again lest're dealing with, Shout, shout. one hand, established our association we help families are trying to be. Families charcoal assistance are doing. Read to children scholarships are trying to subtract. Salaries for relief of insurance petitions have written. Governor talked to. Lawmakers are negotiating with. Unfortunately, our friends will bring back not the case survivors claiming on behalf of the living conditions improvement behalf something're trying to do. I can do what if we were happy for us."
"Let my son Charges"
working as a stoker in the subcontractor and explosion days after the body reached Ahmet Sugar Sugar Eve's mother, shed tears at the grave of his son. Son back from her two grandchildren and the bride's memories remain stated that the mother Eve Sugar,"January 7, 2013 in Kozluk mine gas outbursts as a result have lost my son. Ahmet Candy's mother. Son, this day January 7, 2014 the first anniversary. Days became weeks, was , it's been months. 365 days was my son still does. did not come, could not come. children for a living has died. Life is but for a lifetime, the life that ends the day, winking up from a days. son's life is over. maturity that's it. Allah I was entrusted. His safety is my safety mine. three puppies left. has left two children, a wife,"he wailed.
son Ahmet Sugar's job loving mother who told Eve Sugar, in calling on the authorities wanted to punish those responsible. Anne Candy said:
"deceased talk? Speak. Recent Given what I knew of our children blame on the throw. Disposal matter. O loving your job was doing. Business laughing as I was going. Table tops in Ankara conversation happens with these things. 'Em in. state our I remembered we should ask. us Orphan and what are you doing? 'he should ask. Yan came to do. we is not money, not material to us morale may be. A kind of our sorrow religion you want. us at our side, we want to. child going to work. sewer, they say, with three preparations are doing . first course blasting are doing, 200 meters away. Pat called blasting smoke in the deadlock. son about it in Ankara 25 days of training had taken. us both was telling. Blasting after my son go back and wick to look at're going. walked back a second explosion is happening. second day degaje is doing. 1,500 tonnes of coal a 50-year coal degaje doing. we coal for decades Involved are. we know it. trick us fine. Our children slander our throw the workers criminal Finding fine. ago Let them go, intelligent man an expert they bring. Thereafter children dying on our crime'll throw. We beg you. My son everything was in place. son were buried in the coffin takes to bring the flag."he spoke.

Pain relief in the disaster was Grizu" comments for.


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