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  • 07 Ocak 2014, Salı 17:49

"Pandemic Influenza or an outstanding None Condition"

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Samsun Association of Public Hospitals Secretary General Exp.

Samsun news: Samsun Association of Public Hospitals Secretary General Exp. Dr.. Hasan Riza Aydin, that there is an increase in seasonal influenza reasons, but the flu epidemic or of a state of emergency to be concerned for now, he said.
Samsun Maternity and Child Health Hospital Manager and Chief Specialist Paediatrician. Dr.. Matthew Sharp of the hospital in the first week of 2014, 4 thousand 201 patients admitted to an emergency, he said. Seasonal influenza infections increase in
that there were reasons Samsun Secretary General of the Association of Public Hospitals Exp. Dr.. Hasan Riza Aydin,"The situation of our hospitals to the emergency services, outpatient and inpatient increase in the number caused. But flu pandemic or a state of emergency for now said it is not. Hospital contact our numbers increase at the same time citizens increasing susceptibility is dependent upon conclude. Citizens of our health services in achieving distress to suffer as usual our measures we take. especially in the city center in our hospitals weekend guard practitioners and specialist physicians increase their number have. our citizens down with the flu after treatment given interrupt them, if possible duration of treatment in the rest spend the suggest to,"he said.

expressing virus is not affected by antibiotics Samsun Maternity and Child Health Hospital Manager and Chief Specialist Paediatrician. Dr.. Matthew Sharp,"the winter season influenza infections are common and widespread that is a season. Symptoms uplift fever, cough, runny nose, headache and is evident. These diseases in children when the flower children who are now fading. Influenza droplets spread through is an infection. To protect families will recommend a balanced diet, fluid intake, be of good, quality sleep, enough rest, hygiene rules are followed, your hands are washed frequently is. also frequently used door handle, children's toys like the place cleaned daily, the patient with the children's personal belongings used by someone else should . coughing and sneezing in the mouths and noses with a tissue should be closed. Again flu to prevent the flu vaccine is recommended. viruses antibiotic resistance. Influenza after people were resting and again hygiene rules must. Children plenty of fruit they should eat liquid to consider and symptomatic treatment should see,"he said.
6 201 patients were admitted to 4 THOUSAND DAYS
ölümc H3N2 virus is a virus that Sharp,"Serological we're sending our patients to public health culture. H3N2 virus is a deadly virus We know that. Just one week semtrom the obvious. currently in Turkey until a serious case yet. Samsun Maternity and Children Hospital emergency department and outpatient admitted to pediatric patients, the number of the previous months to the same period rates has increased. This is the case of November In the first week thousand 386 in December, the first week of 3 thousand 569 and 2014 in the first week 4 thousand 201 patients were admitted. we demand of citizens to be able to respond on behalf of January as weekend hours 16:00 to 00:00 an inter-doctor of our more urgent in the stands guard. This way We are trying to meet the demands of citizens. know this H3N2 flu is the flu. This feature regular flu virus in a patient recovering himself two days a week can gather. these viruses takes a little longer,"he said.

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