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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:30

Progress in Health Education Regional Directorate of Forestry

Progress in Health Education Regional Directorate of Forestry
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Mersin Regional Directorate of Forestry employees were given training on prevention of COPD and home accidents.

Mersin news: Photo Education Assistant Regional Director Mehmet Simsek, branch managers and staff attended numerous . Governorship of Mersin , Turkey Directorate of Public Health, Chronic Respiratory Disease Prevention and Control Program Directors decision of the Provincial Public Health Office in coordination with the broad masses informational purposes Mediterranean Community Health Center Dr. Belga Cakir , gave COPD education and home accidents . Dr. Belga Cakir , risk factors of chronic airway disease should , that is very serious about treatment as well as prevention and social and economic burden occurs, but drew enough attention to diagnosis and treatment excludes preventive measures are not taken. Cakir, \"It is also a major cause smoking and polluted air . Smokers develop COPD, one in every five people. Dirty air is due to occupational conditions or industrial pollution. Major COPD symptoms, lasting at least for a few years, cough, phlegm and shortness of breath, allergens , indoor environment , dusty work study, often has to spend lung infection. the measures if insufficient and non-drunk mend and bad course. for the accurate diagnosis of pulmonary function test , \"he said . most affected family members of the Photo Home accidents respectively guys, that elderly and disabled people striking Cakir, \"is the most common cause of home accidents able to sort out as follows . the falls and bumps , cuts, foreign bodies by drowning or choking, drowning , poisoning, burns , electrical shock. take some simple precautions to reduce the risk of accidents as possible. first aid Do not drive anything burns , do not touch , do not peel the skin. the fluid-filled sac blasting . only 15 minutes to cool under cold water. Apply pressure for at least 5 minutes with the inside of your palm on the wound with a clean cloth wrap in cuts . Wash the wound with clean water or with an antiseptic solution . Do not use cotton or cleaning the wound closure. Remove power from the fuse before the electric shock. Pressing on thick stack of newspapers and pull the casualty using wood or wooden stick . Do not induce vomiting mAlArIndA chemical poisoning , do not give anything by mouth . After the first intervention in any accident contact the nearest health facility , \"he said .

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