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  • 07 Mayıs 2014, Çarşamba 11:39

Safe Schools Project in Cyprus

Safe Schools Project in Cyprus
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Safe Schools Safe Schools Project held a conference was held in Cyprus .

İstanbul news: Safe Schools Project organized under the Safe Schools conference in Cyprus was carried out .
Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, Near East University, Cyprus Beyarmudu Municipality hosts 2-3 between May performed the Safe Schools conference Near East University, Cyprus Beyarmudu Municipality'was held on .
Cyprus Beyarmudu Mayor Policy Edip with the participation of the CSG-City Security Group Chairman and Bahçeşehir University private Security and Protection Programme General Coordinator Osman Ozturk and Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Science and Vice Dean Assoc . Dr. . Flood Adıgüzel presentation at the conference held with participants informed about safe schools . Presentation of research results in the percent of schools in the 62.3 and the percent of the incidents of violence that occurred 44.3 was stated that physical violence . Students of the research conducted at the school approximately 74 percent of verbal violence and their \"name-calling, continuous engagement , Dissing is\"determination were shared with participants .
At the conference in Cyprus in school violence is widespread and the problems occurred specified. After the conference the Safe Schools Project, CSG-City Security Group , Bahçeşehir University and Near East University in Cyprus in cooperation with schools has reached a consensus on the implementation .

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