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  • 09 Nisan 2014, Çarşamba 15:32

Samsung Galaxy S5 New Phone And Gear Model Launches

Samsung Galaxy S5 New Phone And Gear Model Launches
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Samsung Electronics, the consumer is eagerly waiting for the new generation Galaxy S5 , as well as the freedom of wearable technology , convenience and style to the next level which introduced the Fit Gear 2 and Gear .

İstanbul news: Samsung Electronics, the consumer is eagerly waiting for the new generation Galaxy S5 , as well as the freedom of wearable technology , convenience and style to the next level which introduced the Fit Gear 2 and Gear .
that are important to consumers , focusing on the development of new Galaxy S5 , improved fitness characteristics for a healthy life , and advanced device protection features advanced camera functions combines with stylish design . Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit experience is the best wearable technology to provide a fully integrated approach to mobility offers to consumers . Coal black and bright white following electric blue and copper gold color options will be available , Galaxy S5 recommended end-user sales price of 16 GB to 2 thousand 199 £ , 32 GB, 2 thousand 299 TL was determined .'Coal black','Golden Brown'and'orange'color options with Gear 2 thousand 799 TL and black, orange and gray in color with consumers will meet Gear Fit 549 TL recommended end-user sales price will be presented with .
Joung Yoon President of Samsung Electronics Turkey , with new products introduced in the assessment , the Galaxy S5 Samsung's \"innovation inspired by the people \"is a part of the vision is emphasized. Joung , said:
\"Today, consumers , sophisticated technology , not the needs and expectations to match the mobile experience are seeking . Stylish looks, high camera performance and their fit to keep technologies are also interested . Market's most competitive and premium smartphone that Galaxy S5 all these features to deliver tailored . highly mobile integration and the most advanced mobile experience promising new Gear fit and Gear 2 the daily lives of consumers with stringent to ensure compliance . \"
new Galaxy S5 ; 16-megapixel rear camera, along with improved menus and interface functions that allows users to effortlessly superior camera to take pictures edit, and easily share offers . Galaxy S5 0.3 seconds to focus on providing the world's fastest auto-focus feature offers and advanced high dynamic range ( High Dynamic Range ) feature in all conditions with natural light and colors are eye-catching at a concentration viewing experience offers . Galaxy S5 also features a selectable focus of the new users at the same time to focus on a specific area of an object , while the background blurs . With this feature, users shallow depth of field ( DOF) effect to the need to create a special lens does not stay set .
Galaxy S5 standard with IP67 dust and water resistance . In addition to this device , featuring a secure and biometric fingerprint scanner lock screen feature that can be used safely by consumers experience mobile payment offers . Ultra power saving mode, the screen turns black and white appearance and to minimize battery consumption is closing all unused features . Galaxy S5 2800 mAh battery, 390 hours standby , 21 hours talk time is signing . Galaxy S5 , \"ultra power saving mode \"and reaches up to 12 days standby time .
Health 3.0 Advanced features new Galaxy S S5 , which will help users to stay healthy and fit offers more vehicles . Galaxy S5 pedometers , with a new diet and exercise records, including heart rate monitor that provide users with feature acts as both a personal workout coach . Galaxy S5 users devices rich application ecosystem and real-time exercise coaching a new generation Gear products , matching the mobile experience much more can be personalized .
Samsung Galaxy S5 daily lives of consumers instantly to adapt a richer mobile experience, an advanced content world offers . Galaxy S5 more fit life a personal workout coach acts as runkeeper as well as hundreds of movies offering access Samsung Cinema, Gameloft's action, strategy , racing, soccer, puzzle and platform type to suit all tastes games offering 100 Percent Game and every moment of life for those who give up music as digital music platform Deezer consumers will take their time to make more fun and enjoyable content are also available . Track and improve their business contacts in users benefit Linkedin Galaxy S5 is an ideal example to the appropriate content to the business world . Galaxy S5 also free for 2 years, which offers 50 GB of storage through Dropbox users , they can easily pull photos and videos they create documents, without the risk of loss in storage is going to have a chance . Galaxy S5 presented, along with value-added content support to users in total over $ 700 cost advantage provides .
Mobile secure about paying the distinctive Galaxy S5 , PayPal co-operation \"with fingerprint reader using the shopping and paying \"will provide. Samsung Galaxy S5 in action, or at the shop, users can now easily and securely with PayPal will be able to exchange encrypted .
pioneer in the field of wearable technology , Samsung mobile freedom with Gear 2 takes it to the next level . Gear Fit exercise features the advanced users with active life is the best candidate for assistant . Gear 2 users to incoming calls and messages by enabling organizations to manage the distinction of being a complementary device . Gear Fit is a real-time personal workout coach acting as a healthier lifestyle for users can be personalized exercise program users to open and the heart rate monitor enables customers to .
Belt instead of on top of the main body attached to the camera with a Gear 2 is a stylish and powerful smartphone device . The belt can be changed intelligent clock, \"coal black , gold , brown and orange \"belt comes with color options . Gear 2 , users'moods or clothing enables organizations to choose the most compatible colors . At the same time the main screen background , clock face and font , users'preferences to reflect can be personalized .
Gear 2 , built-IrLED sensor and watcho the Remote app with TV or set-top devices, such as electronic products, the ability to control the users with a more comfortable providing a control . Bluetooth headset can be used alone music player with the addition of smartphone users at home , even if they move off me, makes it possible to be able to listen to music . Tizen-based first platform that Gear 2 is a large number of users in the Samsung devices can be connected to , as well as an advanced application ecosystem to gain access to the offers.
Curved Super AMOLED screen and \"black, orange and gray\"colors with a choice Gear Fit the wrist to sit comfortably was designed . The move an \"e-mail, SMS , alarm and S-planner like\"Galaxy smart phone from the notification instantly provide access Gear Fit users daily exercise bands lot more offers .
Consumers, meanwhile , Nisantasi Samsung mobile store at experimenting with new products , technical support and maintenance services within a short time quickly can benefit from . Turkey's largest in-store training area incorporates Samsung Mobile Nisantasi, 16 persons simultaneously can give detailed instructions on the products . Hosting the biggest \"Smart Launch \"area with expert consultants , software update 5 people at the same time , data transfer, application installation issues and is able to support effective use . Samsung , Nisantasi store in a special area for children to keep a . Samsung has developed devices for children are exhibited in the store while visiting family in the area and their specific products deneyimleyip children can spend time playing games .

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