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  • 11 Nisan 2014, Cuma 13:55

Setu is ,'Disabled Friendly'Website Design has

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Setur in the tourism sector which is a first , has designed websites for visually impaired guests .

Setur in the tourism sector which is a first , has designed websites for visually impaired guests .
Setu , Turkey living in more than 200 visually impaired can access and use easily'disabled friendly website'is''''t use opens . For visually impaired users , offering content and ease of use of mobile compatible content on the site , a screen reader ( Screen Reader ) will rest with the help of a single key ( Tab key ) , the transition between content that can be made . Under Construction'Bosphorus Visually Impaired Laboratory Technology and Education'and'Alternative Life Association'work together with civil society organizations , such as education and the site visually impaired will allow users to choose their holidays . In the development process , including those with impaired vision and a total of nearly 600 plant sites owned thousands of images depicting the visually impaired will also provide the facilities you can imagine .
Setur's , disabled-friendly website for the visually impaired , by far the most developed one of the websites that expressed Setu General Manager Outstanding ÖZBEY, \"Barrier our website , housed with innovations for the visually impaired in the name of an important step will be . Setu as a family , awareness on the issue are aiming to achieve . we take this important step, many companies also engaged in similar activities will lead that society and make a major contribution we can. Facility of our in this direction, development, disability tourism growth will also help . this direction present in our site visually impaired our guests we will develop according \"he said .
Setur's disabled-friendly web site,'is'at the transition can be made using the Tab and Enter keys . Also designed for visually impaired movie the promotion of the website , which can be accessed fromı9e0bgs .

Setu is ,'Disabled Friendly'Website Design has" comments for.


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