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  • 25 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 09:27

(Special Report) She's back from the dead in the explosion was still on duty

(Special Report) She's back from the dead in the explosion was still on duty
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5 years ago you were fighting a vehicle fire in Bursa LPG tank explosion firefighters remaining in the flames Rauf Albayrak, continue with the same enthusiasm to the profession.

Bursa news:  Bursa five years ago as a vehicle fire that were fighting LPG tank explosion in the flames remaining firefighters Rauf Albayrak profession with the same excitement continues.
Central Osmangazi district on 1 May 2009 at the LPG car, the explosion flame among the remaining 30 Albayrak Rauf year firefighter, told the moments of horror. Yesilova Yesilyurt Street in the neighborhood of 16 E 2994 plate car parked in the fire originated, Rauf Albayrak who want to intervene in the event of the car's LPG tank explosion was in flames. 53-year-old Albayrak burning hair back from the dead, then was taken to hospital. Second-degree burns diagnosed Albayrak, the years pass, although it is painful events still can not forget.
Where the event occurred 9:35 hours even remember noted Albayrak,"In 2009, on 1 May 2009 in the morning 9:35 desks most of my life different events I experienced. News center came to notice after A vehicle fire went to. Intervention whilst hose taking the vehicle's side went up. Meanwhile car was burning in flames. friend me I warned at the time the car's LPG cylinder suddenly exploded. these me severely wounded. hospital for a while in the ICU had. Plastic surgery part time I was treated. those explosions like today I remember the moment. was for me a painful experience, but I did not lose my enthusiasm,"he said.
air during the explosion pressure dash and hit the wall noted Albayrak, in the minds of the helmet is shattered, saying,"All of a sudden fireball in're staying. High pressure you up and lifts. Breathless yetiyorsa survive is, or can be. explosion during the helmet's broken, but did not give up. currently still my duty would continue. Their all in the past. currently a shortage yet. Risks love. many years this risk I'm used to. these risks deliberately chose this profession did. these events happen to anyone can. course a little more careful we need to be,"he said.
during the blast of her dress and hair lit voicing Albayrak,"They are not more deadly troubles could live. fighting during the operation of this boom never occurred to me. my mistakes I had. much into flames approach was not supposed to. After that, their lack saw my. Other friends this course was. anymore than I am careful fire. during the life-saving trouble because of the firefighters that risk forgets"he said.
Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department at the mission for 29 years, proudly voicing Albayrak, his power so doing the profession would continue, he added.

(Special Report) She's back from the dead in the explosion was still on duty" comments for.


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