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  • 08 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 15:12

Students from Dizdara Nutrition Advice

Students from Dizdara Nutrition Advice
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Istanbul University Oncology Specialist Dr.

Samsun news: Istanbul University Oncology Specialist Dr. Yavuz Dizdar, never seen diseases have increased in recent years, pharmaceutical companies than the emergence of this disease that the drug found it very interesting how ready he said.
Istanbul University Oncology Specialist Dr. Yavuz Dizdar, Samsun Final Schools met with the students. Chat airwaves last event for high school students"Civilization What do you think?", While middle school students"Do you like hamburgers?"the question of directing the presentation began.
in the world of cancer increased attention Dizdar,"pre-cancer know the name did not, and now the familiar one of those people cancer is going on,"he stressed the need to be vigilant against this disease was. As an example of a friend's daughter's first school had won but got sick of the educational life terminates said Dizdar, seemingly simple, most things people actually important in the life changes can lead to stressed.
Nutrition cancer development role in telling the world studies also with slides to students transferring their more effective learning environment by developing awareness tool Dr. Yavuz Dizdar, genetically modified products, the impact of touched on.
Before the disease occurred DRUG READY TO BE INTERESTING
In recent years, never seen diseases increased expression that Dizdar, pharmaceutical companies these diseases that the emergence of more drug found it very interesting how ready he said. Dr.. Yavuz Dizdar, genetically modified foods now with how maize nor chicken Get a taste saying that the food the students' mothers and fathers warn asked them.
Dizdar , ready-to-milk and yogurt you could remain intact for months, noting that it may be possible but with additives, organic milk and yogurt, which was announced a few days is disrupted. His beloved children 'ketchup Dizdar also said that, when kept for a few days of these food items could be used as a seal faucet underlined. Also taken from grocery store chicken is cooked in a very short period of time, a fine of backyard poultry cooked on the stove for hours attempted, he said. Dizdar, if it if possible everyone's backyard chickens receiving the requirement, he said.
A thing to be good quality for her labor should be given voicing Dizdar, finally, sodas and energy drinks on the lookout for when requesting applause presentation ended.
Samsun Final School Genghis Khan, General Manager at DR. Yavuz Dizdara about cancer disease and age-related explanatory foods from the presentation gave a plaque thanking.

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