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  • 29 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 12:55

Sudden Hearing Loss can be predictive of other disease

Sudden Hearing Loss can be predictive of other disease
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Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Operator .

Ordu news: Dr. Abdullah Small , \"Sudden hearing loss is a disease name is not a symptom is the name , the reason behind the other carry diseases or other diseases may portend ,\"he said .
Army Fats district right ear hearing loss living 55-year-old Fatma Peru, private Eurasian Medi-Tech Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Operator . Dr. Abdullah was admitted to small . In patients with \"sudden hearing loss \"that was found in the audiometric evaluations . The patient was started medical treatment immediately . As a result of the treatment of hearing loss in the audiometric tests were recovered .
That provides information about sudden hearing loss Oper . Dr. Abdullah Small , \"In fact, sudden hearing loss is not the name of a disease , a symptom is the name , the reason behind the move or other diseases may be a harbinger of other diseases ,\"he said .
Oper . Dr. Abdullah Small gave the following information:\"Many known and unknown are the reasons . Such a group of idiopathic ( unexplained ) is called . Among other reasons, the most common viruses are encountered. Viral infections cochlear canal , center of balance , hearing and balance nerve can be accommodated , here inflammatory reaction can form . more specifically from viruses , mumps , measles, HIV , herpes (cold sores) in the ear hearing loss, making the possibilities are the highest ones . hearing Loss matter how sudden and rapid the commencement of treatment in an equally sudden and should be faster. otherwise, your hearing loss may be permanent. hearing loss , or even seconds, and within minutes the emergence of a very important finding. Sometimes sleep wake up is noticed.'out of the blue suddenly my ear was obstructed ,'the morning when I woke up one ear, my clogged noticed that as'definitions is very typical . ear buzzing present. certain cases dizziness , imbalance , nausea may occur. hearing loss is severe , dizziness , and the first 2 weeks of initiation of therapy in patients without chance of recovery is lower than has been revealed. That's why people with hearing loss immediately to the nearest health institution must apply . \"

Sudden Hearing Loss can be predictive of other disease" comments for.


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