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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:41

Suggest they Warns Against Mushroom Poisoning

Suggest they Warns Against Mushroom Poisoning
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Kahta State Hospital Chief Exp .

Adıyaman news: Dr. Elijah suggest, mushroom poisoning due to warn people . Stating that should not be consumed freely by people of all fungal species
Dr. Elijah suggest, in terms of mushroom nutritional value, stressed that among the high nutrients.
Mushroom poisoning , coma and death, said serious problems can also occur Chief suggest \"mushroom poisoning freshness of the mushrooms found toxic substances in the growing and structures in natural areas , dried or developing conservation as a result of the ingestion of raw or cooked and death Madiran serious poisoning can also result .
especially in the spring and is seen in seasons where there is plenty of rainfall in the autumn. Mushrooms are not a particular method or methods to distinguish between toxic or non-toxic . with a scientific method we identify and the mushrooms we have no confirmation can be defeated from new sources is all a risk .
poisoning Symptoms vary depending on the poison of nature in fungi . symptoms , 2 hours after the ingestion of some types of fungi , some fungi , following the defeat of the species may also occur after 6 hours . the fungus following the defeat 2 hours as if the defeat of fungi that cause poisoning symptoms in a short period dizziness, drowsiness , low blood pressure , blurred vision, facial redness or neck, increase in heart rate, metallic taste in the mouth can be seen sweating, nausea and vomiting. According to toxic substances feature found in mushrooms, edible after only 6 hours after arrival can be symptoms of poisoning , nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, rapid pulse, abdominal pain later in the form of symptoms related to disorders of these organs with liver and kidney disorders. Resulting in serious problems such as coma and death may occur . A person who eats mushrooms should be submitted to the nearest health facility in case the occurrence of the symptoms listed above. 114 also can provide information on poisoning from the National Poison Information Center. Mushroom poisoning is for the treatments of overall toxicity findings occurred . However, in terms of helping to treat fungal poisoning, the General Directorate of Emergency Medical Services ( UZEM-National Poison Information Centre ) will be provided an antidote ( antidote ) are available. Poisoning is in fact an important part that can be prevented through simple measures . Certainly the ingestion of mushrooms growing in natural areas only resort in the poisoning prevention ; is preferred instead of mushroom , \"he said .

Suggest they Warns Against Mushroom Poisoning" comments for.


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