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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 13:00

Terms of Turkish cinema in Golden Boll Twitter

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21st International Golden Boll Film Festival introductory meeting was held at the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul .

21st International Golden Boll Film Festival introductory meeting was held at the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul . Meeting , Adana Mayor Hüseyin Oral , Nationalist Movement Party Central Executive Board Member and former National player Saffet Sandzak Golden Boll Inc. Chairman Candan Common , Adana Metropolitan Municipality Culture Department Head Ozan Aksu players Yusuf Sezgin, Mehmet Aslan , as well as a large number of invitees.
the opening speech Adana Mayor Hüseyin Oral Adana, a cinema center, saying it would be , \"21 Golden Boll film Festival this year, in many countries of the films documentaries will be . Talks , exhibitions, concerts for a week public will meet . Adana center and outside of the concerts will take place with our citizens Golden Boll Film Festival inside will shoot . festival national feature film competition, a national student film competition, the Mediterranean countries, the short film competition will be . September 20 ceremony to be held Merits will be , \"he said . < br/> Oral explaining the contest prize , \"National Feature Film competition will award a total of 630 thousand pounds . 30 thousand pounds in the National Student Film Contest , Mediterranean Short Film Contest 40 thousand pounds prize will be awarded in four different categories . Golden Boll Film screenings at film festivals , including the cost will contribute to the cinema with 740 thousand pounds . This is a sizeable amount . \"He said ear was .
Festival, this year's theme of Turkish Cinema 100th Anniversary saying that the verbal, \"This year, Golden Boll Film Festival will mark the theme of Turkish cinema's 100th Anniversary . Turkish cinema has an important place in the world . I like Turkish cinema . As a nationalist politician, I am very fond of Turkish cinema . They're doing a film with higher wages in the United States . Within the borders of the European Union and among the OECD countries with the number of American cinema box office and the audience not only defeated the Turkish cinema is cinema . Popular culture is dominant in the world who want to perpetuate their culture is important for a country cinema . Turkish cinema has an effect on politicians . Centennial highlight the main theme a nice job as the golden cocoon . The main theme of the opening will take place on September 16 100th Anniversary . Therefore, we will perform various talks and exhibitions . In our country, in terms of continuity in film festivals Golden Orange and Golden Boll has an important place . We are peculiar to itself , you want to do the best with the original value . We do not seek an analogy . Issues that deserve to see the value of art in the objective conditions necessary treatment we want to see . Dedicated the newly elected president. First , we do not do . Gold cocoon but inexperience will be the new mayor . We'll move better than yesterday . Turkish cinema in the coming period will be in a better place . Has made ​​a very good job with limited resources . In the coming years better jobs will also be . \"He said .
Golden Boll Inc. Chairman Candan Common , this year, unobstructed movie service also will do , saying:\"Barriers cinema for people with disabilities specially crafted done in the halls with the system disabled citizens cinema'll watch . Equivalent to high school students in the school will try to move to the cinema halls . If they can not come in'll watch movies in schools . 70 thousand students will watch . 205 films to be screened . 500-odd sessions will take place. Love will be our procession . \"He said. Adana Metropolitan Municipality Culture Ozan Aksu, head of the department ; districts saying that they would watch the movie:\"metropolitan municipality in the province has become . The participation of other districts is important to us . Ilhan , who died recently of Colpan would commemorate . We have close to 150 colleague . We care Adana audience award . Maybe you're trying to grow this festival . We want to watch a film festival . We want to bring together outstanding works with the audience . In movies shot in Adana Metropolitan Municipality are contributing . We Adana movie you want to take all the filmmakers machinery and equipment with our contributing municipality is we are , \"he said .
Golden Boll Film Festival NDA National Feature Film Competition at the 12 films will compete
Golden Boll film Festival 45 films this year, was admitted to the feature film competition . films from the 12 finalist . festival will take place between September 15 to 21 of the 100th Anniversary of Turkish cinema will be celebrated . shown at Cannes Golden Boll Film Festival films will meet the audience .

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