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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:29

The Police \"Electric Bicycle \"Alert

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Increasing use in recent days , especially students and users of electric bikes seen as widely used among children at a young age , so they do not mix with any accident victims , Philadelphia County were warned by the Police Department .

Manisa news: In a statement from a Photo Police , owners of electric bikes do not comply with traffic rules, as cause unwanted accidents were reported to have caused material and moral losses . Traffic rules ignored by violating and is stated to be informed in the first EDAP drivers who cause adverse events were recorded as follows in a statement:\"Drivers will be provided to comply with the stimulation of the rules . The first step, in violation , regardless of traffic rules and the drivers that cause adverse event , to comply with stimulating rules will be provided. However, this to observe the rules and to apply criminal proceedings in cases of continued violations. 0.25 kW exceeding no registration requirement in electric bicycles , but there are helmets compulsory. is available in public registration requirements of electric bicycles with higher maximum power of 0.26 kW therefore the owners of electric bicycles certificate of conformity of electric bicycles from businesses they buy the car and bills must take , then if the gerekmektedir.aks for taking the traffic registration process, the first time in 172 TL penalty on the grounds that they comply with the rules with electric bicycles, are banned from traffic for a second time is applied. In addition, the strength of the electric bike users of these tools are punished with A1 or A2 document zorunludur.aks unless the driver is a fine of £ 1,462 . \"

The Police \"Electric Bicycle \"Alert" comments for.


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