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  • 01 Kasım 2013, Cuma 09:10

Three Breakthrough in the World of Beauty Cream

Three Breakthrough in the World of Beauty Cream
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BB, CC and DD have put together everything you need to know about creams.

Or Are you still users of

foundation? Revolution in the field of beauty has changed. BB, CC and DD creams, foundation lowered his throne. This is the star of a new era of creams, have already begun to take place in the category of women's makeup bags indispensable. In addition, they helped to change their makeup routines. Now less product, less able to flourish. You kondurun a fresh touch to this miraculous skin cream.

Believe it or not, BB creams, used in South Korea and Japan since 1985. After they arrive at the 2011 American market has increased in popularity with each passing day, and so the BB cream craze began. They did their best to rekindle this craze of cosmetic brands. BB creams, creams to follow CC and DD are proof of this.

BB cream

BB cream, concealer in addition to being feature protects the skin. The benefits vary depending on the brand you choose shows. Against the ill effects of the sun on the skin in proportion to the SPF acts as a shield. Foundation to a smoother texture, such as a layer over the skin to be covered. Moisturize the skin, makes a smooth and radiant appearance.

CC cream

CC BB creams creams

then met. Of course not the only difference between the two letters. CC creams, skin redness or paleness invisible because they make color correction. BB cream with a lighter structure. This is actually a valid reason for them to choose. Also contains vitamin C and E are important. These creams, acne and blackheads, especially those who are in trouble recommend to prefer.



BB and
CC DD cream hybrid and creams, anti-aging properties differences being
reveals. The effect of reducing wrinkles regularly used
there. More dense structure, thus the effect of closing. Mature skin
recommend the use of.

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Author: Seda Yilmaz living in Istanbul fashion editor, writer
and served as editor of fashion news, including Marie
Claire portal WGSN trend analysis of EM and the
contributed to several fashion and beauty publications
found. Living in a smaller shops in the city is worth a visit
The authors of the book exceptional guide in Istanbul. Writings often
frequent The Style Glossy Turkey 'are also included.

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