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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:48

TKF President Erol Benefits:The owner of Turkey Winter Tourism Center of the potential

TKF President Erol Benefits:The owner of Turkey Winter Tourism Center of the potential
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Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits of Turkey's 12-year investment of 48 billion euros , he said that it has the potential to become the center of winter tourism .

İstanbul news:
Turkey Ski Federation ( TKF ) President Erol Benefits , \"A Model of Economic Development ; Skiing entitled\"explained the project and its objectives. President TKF Benefits of the project, it was basically two basis ; He stressed that while the necessary support in cooperation with the club for athletes to train while on the other hand should focus investments. In Turkey , with 48 billion euros of investment will be carried out by spreading 12 years , could become a winter sports center and the geographical reasons in the world Benefits specifies that attended very few among countries that organized the Winter Olympics , \"48 billion euros for a very reasonable amount of investment for 12 years , Istanbul'we're just talking about an equal investment in the two airport investments such as the new airport also made , \"he said.
number of athletes in the world and Turkey, race number , which compares the number of favorable slopes and lifts ski and economic benefits in terms and skiing first including winter sports economy contributed to mention that TKF President Benefit:\"the investments made to a single sport and ski sector, providing regional development due to lead to the development of skiing in winter tourism is back 7 years. for example, Austria's most important source of income for winter tourism and skiing. Austria population of only 8.4 million , the Gross National Product ( GNP) 309.9 billion and total return of the Austrian economy of the skiing 44.1 billion euros , \"he said .
\"TURKEY'< strong> VALUE oNLY 3 THOUSAND MOUNTAINS 10'< strong> in wINTER SPORTS able dONE \"
is 3 more than a thousand mountains in Turkey, but only 10 of them in the winter sports that addressed the benefits structures, \"to the mountains skiing in Turkey is very convenient . In our country, over 2 thousand 166 meters from the mountain , and the mountain's 137 4 4 mountains over a thousand meters over 3 thousand meters. However, we do not evaluate our potential . Turkey, close to 2.5 million euros Ski Federation budget and financial strength with a lower than in Western European countries , \"he said .
Turkey 2023 in a winter sports center and the Winter Olympics candidate location may be for a while athletes raising a hand in importance to mention that TKF President Erol Benefits of making the necessary investments , the state of these investments , local government and said the private sector needs to be done by cooperation. Benefits , investment area and the amount of \"18.5 billion euros to 5 thousand hotel investments for infrastructure investments in the 100 region of 15 billion euros , 5.6 billion euros for the thousand lift investment in 100 areas, mountain processing 5 billion euros for equipment, promotion, training and 4.1 billion for schools , we have a projection of 250 million euros for the ski area hospitals. The total investment is 12 years, 48 billion 450 million euros. We are talking about equal, and even a 12-year projections only two investment to the airport as the third airport , this figure will be held in Istanbul \"was sort saying .
Turkey from April they took over the management as Ski Federation have carried out a serious study since , and long-term goals they have set Benefits TKF representing President , tkf'n's \"A Model of Economic Development ; Skiing the \"developed in the framework of the project 2023 targets were announced as follows:\"to coordinate the creation of winter sports centers in areas susceptible to winter sports, to ensure the development of winter tourism and winter sports in the region. 4 million people in Turkey, will be integrated with skiing as athletes or spectators. 100 of the 5 thousand and 275 thousand hotel beds will ensure the formation of R \u0026 D work will be completed and submitted to the government. The example of a highly developed international standards, technical project will be prepared for the actual establishment and implementation coordination will be provided. 30 regional ( Balkan-Asia-Europe) championships and 10 world championships will be hosted . To generate revenues of 10 billion euros per year will be led to the formation by planning sector. 500 thousand new jobs will be created . Allowing the construction of the skiing industry by creating parallel infrastructure development in Turkey will create a new $ 1 billion a year industry. 13.5 million tourists a year to assess potential. Turkey will apply for the Winter Olympics. 3 Winter Sports Academy will run establishment . Turkey's winter sports infrastructure in the completion of development will enter into the top 10 in the world , medal athlete training system will be installed. 100 thousand national and international athletes will be trained . Will carry the Olympic level athletes infrastructure works will be completed . All clubs will be brought to international standards. Federations , clubs and athletes to sustain communication and healthy. \"

TKF President Erol Benefits:The owner of Turkey Winter Tourism Center of the potential" comments for.


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