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  • 26 Eylül 2013, Perşembe 01:38

Tofaş CEO Basaran:Scrap car promotion revitalize the economy

Tofaş CEO Basaran:Scrap car promotion revitalize the economy
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Tofaş CEO (Chief Executive), Kamil Basaran, scrap vehicles contribute a dynamism to the sector as well as promoting the country's economy, he said.

Basaran,"the country in terms of healthy life and health of drivers and pedestrians need to change the old car park. Their renewal of the sector in the national economy and will bring a great dynamic. steps be taken in this regard we feel this point in the year 2014."she said. Basaran, wait for the month of Ramadan, despite the decline in sales has increased, passenger car, the level of car sales in 2011, he said.

Automotive Otokoç Turkey's most important automotive retail and on-site car rental company in Bursa Birmot'un attending the opening of the second sales office TOFAŞ CEO water Kamil Basaran, journalists, economic answered the questions on the agenda. Basaran evaluating sales figures by 2013, the numbers began modestly, then the economy against the tide to get rid of any kind of resistance, and noted that knows the market is growing continuously.

pleasing figures for the month of August, indicating that the most recent data reveals Basaran said:"A in gustosi as we waited for the month of Ramadan due to the reduced amount. Contrary, everything is due to avoid an increase in lending rates taken the lead. fabulous figures emerged. Yeah costs increased a lot. predicted in August, it did not happen, but in September of cost increases gradually with the increase of lending rates also began to show itself. thought you might be a little less than the output market in September. But let's not forget that the from 2011 a spectacular year. This year, passenger car, we see that the level of car sales in 2011. has the light commercial vehicle market contraction. Especially our leading passenger car sales are very good with Linea. Maybe the record will be broken years. imported car market is very growing. I hope that all the relevant points in this context may be a solution partner, we will see in the coming days düşüreceğimizi together and give added value."


output end of the year 820 or 800 thousand as thousands of year again, guess that will end with the exception of truck voicing Basaran,"Let's not forget that this cost increases, some negative effect on sales at the end of may. Revenues may be down trend. sense in 2014, performed the internal market, with domestic production as much as possible to create added value in a larger sense, we will start to reveal the hypothesis. This way you are in a healthy 2014 forecast."assessment.


journalists 'trip events, and events in the Middle East has affected car sales?' Answering the question that Basaran said :"O may affect certain sectors do some of the events in the country. Some things about the dynamics within the country. But when we look at our own sector, especially in the case of TOFAŞ deficit position in terms of our exchange rate is not . Lists do not we risk. euros increase in costs was based on revenues in Euro terms in an environment maintained a very serious condition because we feel ourselves as a company. domestic market supplied by domestic issues, especially given the side hand in hand with our industry. We have paid much attention to R & D. Shelf do not do the project. creator of the economy of this country in terms of use of all the competitive advantages are maximized. 3.5 billion dollars in the last 10 years we have added value. all this, if you look at how the economy of our country beyond the transport derdindeyiz more."

review Kamil Basaran works for the promotion of scrap vehicles, an aging vehicle fleet in Turkey, he said. Basaran said:"D olayısıyla need to be sure to review it in terms of traffic accidents. Recent years, improvements in road conditions are very serious. But it means we are circulating on the iyileştiremezsek, we can not get great results. Healthier life in the country and drivers and pedestrians need to change the car park to the health of the elderly. should also look at their impact on the environment. well this aspect of the formation of a new car park. Approximately 50 percent of the 14 million cars old car. Their renewal of the sector in the national economy and will bring a great dynamic . In this respect, we feel steps be taken in this regard in 2014. this context, it is moved to further this movement by supporting domestic production, which forecast the country's economy will create added value."

Tofaş CEO Basaran:Scrap car promotion revitalize the economy" comments for.


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