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  • 17 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 10:30

Vertigo should not complicate your life

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Dizziness disorders known as the \"Vertigo\"If measures are not taken can cause serious health problems in the future .

Dizziness disorders known as the \"Vertigo\"If measures are not taken can cause serious health problems in the future . Medline
Private Adana Hospital Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sibel explained with vertigo may be curious about . Vertigo among the people very often diagnosed in the inner ear crystals to play with the disease the same disease believed Noting Khan, \"Vertigo, dizziness is the Latin name . Dizziness of not only the most obvious is the reason. Vertigo in the two groups may consider . Firstly peripheral that ear, and the second plant the brain are sourced reason. a phobic postural vertigo condition exists . these types of patients only in certain environments feeling dizzy happens , \"he said .
sTRESS , fatigue and insomnia vERTIGO INVITATION mAKES
Peripheral vertigo most familiar symptoms of dizziness , around turns or objects moving sensation and an earthquake shakes the notion that emphasizes Khan, \"the most common cause of inner ear crystals is playing . Other causes ; heads trauma, ear and mouth in the sea or pool water intake , stress, fatigue and sleeplessness . inner ear inflammation in the external ear canal and blocking the dirt is also among the causes of vertigo . Initially a purely physical disease, vertigo, again, as you may adversely affect the patient's psychology . Symptoms may take a long time , even if the patient crying . But a very simple method of treatment and patients quickly back to health can , \"he said .
Peripheral vertigo is diagnosed after a course of treatment Khan stating that it was very easy , \"First of all, a good story should be taken from patients . In the story ; start time and duration of dizziness , symptoms and concomitant use of other drugs that should be questioned. After diagnosis simple maneuver and exercise diseases largely is improving , \"he said .
cerebellum and brain stem vascular occlusion and brain bleeding Khan said that the central cause of vertigo , he continued as follows:
\"is a completely different course of treatment of these patients . Peripheral vertigo occurs maneuver çıkarabiliyork patient's complaint of dizziness , vertigo, dizziness plants are continually . In his examination of double vision , facial warping, one-sided numbness in the arms and legs , loss of power are symptoms such as loss of balance and standing . Imaging methods used for diagnosis . Treatment of patients with central vertigo process is longer. Need to be hospitalized . In patients with central vertigo improvements were seen in 90 per cent . But in some patients, loss of balance and neurological disorders can stay . \"

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