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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 08:48

Watched Pelicans at Lake Bafa

Watched Pelicans at Lake Bafa
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Keeping it within the scope of the project was monitored Dalmatian Pelican Pelicans at Lake Bafa .

Aydın news: Photo World Wildlife Foundation ( WWF ) Turkey's aims to conserve biological diversity of local civil society in Turkey launched to support the establishment of projects supported within the scope of Life Program and Kusadasi Eco System Protection and Nature Lovers Association ( EKODOSD ) and Ege University Faculty of Science Department of Biology of Natural History Research Center conducted in collaboration with \"Keeping Dalmatian Pelican \"to continue the work of the project. Finally, pelicans in the Aegean Region of the most important wetlands of Lake Bafa made ​​in the project field work was followed . Lake Bafa in the most intensive monitoring of water birds made ​​in the section where Serçin , 73 pelicans were counted . Friendship especially with flamingos and pelicans at Lake Bafa Photo hunting together , he noted . Providing an image that will be under the wings of pelican flamingo cubs were found to live in peace with these birds somehow . Generation engaged in the Büyük Menderes Delta reproductive Global Scale in Endangered located Dalmatian Pelican of (Pelecanus crispus ) , the Torment Lake, they went to hunt with Bafa Gölü'yl in Avsar Lake , water romp in the Soke Plain , in the Gediz Delta and they continue to be monitored in Belevi Lake. Information signs within the scope of the project, Forestry and Water Affairs 4. Regional Directorate , Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta with the permission of the National Park Directorate and DCM Izmir Branch , in the coming days the National Park Delta portion , Lake Bafa Serçin section and the Gediz Delta will be planted . Photo Kusadasi EKODOSD President Bahattin drive, \"Büyük Menderes Delta Karina Dalyan and the Gediz Delta in the spring storms period , instead of the destroyed breeding islands due to erosion and storm surges , organized platform slots in the coming months , will be placed . where the pelicans wetlands the environment in both the fishermen and the local people of extinction conducted awareness programs for the conservation of these birds, endangered and distributed the brochures . to make a contribution to one hand the local economy and tourism in the region , the region will be studied in the development of birdwatching . we did Monitoring of Lake Bafa , breeding waterfowl nutrition and providing the shelter is a very important wetland . Thousands of waterfowl to provide these facilities. The habitat of this bird for a moment before Bafa of effective and permanent solution for improving the lake should be implemented. Especially those endangered Dalmatian Pelican , for the future of thousands of birds that use it is very important here , \"he said .


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