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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:48

When the villagers Badak persistent oil in wells

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Depending on the Bor District of Nigde Badak living in the village , petroleum exploration wells disappointing after the closure of living , headman Ayhan Shield, \"the oil out of the wells that we have seen with our eyes ,\"he said .

Niğde news:
Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) conducted by the Directorate General as a result of drilling activities in 2007 in Konya-Eregli and Nigde-Bor basin, 8 billion tons of oil were detected. Accordingly, the potential value of oil in the region of between 218 billion and 687 billion dollars may be specified . The intervening seven years after yet another inconclusive studies Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) by the Directorate General has been terminated .
Search the ending after the Badak Village Headman Ayhan Kalkan village lands still oil and said, \"In 2007, Mineral Research and Exploration Directorate officials our village surveys while about 850 meters in depth an oil that was noted. us by the authorities, 850 meters after the oil certain to rise was told . then come here and oil officials handling'where any oil said there's no , \"he said .
Shield before studies as a result of the two wells is turned on and from these wells the oil out that the village people with what they saw , explaining \"people of the village as the oil as a result of a great joy lived. But then the wells are closed after us,'no oil'they said. We townspeople again as oil to be searched our great state and the authorities want . these areas villagers as oil believe that there is , \"he said .
Badak residing in the village Clever Centaurus said,\"Our village opened oil wells'no oil'saying off they went . Well as the opening of the townspeople want . Authorities for the reopening of these wells are waiting for help , \"he claimed that in the villages still have oil .

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