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  • 15 Nisan 2014, Salı 15:26

Women's Handicraft Products to Meet With Million

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Turkcell launched in collaboration with the Economic TİSVA Female Power of women entrepreneurs who benefit from projects handcraft products's about the appreciation of the cooperation offered thanks million .

Turkcell launched in collaboration with the Economic TİSVA Female Power of women entrepreneurs who benefit from projects handcraft products's about the appreciation of the cooperation offered thanks million .
busy with visitor traffic e-commerce site, from Istanbul to Hakkari in the first place , many from Trabzon , Turkey's Aydin province of women entrepreneurs involved in showcasing local products . Through this collaboration , both women earn more will both country's rare , traditional products of the day will be revealed.
Turkey's leading technology and communications company Turkcell , Economics Female Power project for low-income , female entrepreneurs to support an important collaboration has achieved . E-commerce industry for reliability , easy to use and make a difference by visiting traffic intensive Thanks to the cooperation with , with the support of microcredit for women producing hand-made products are offered to the admiration of millions . Offered this effective sales and marketing channel for women fertility to the fertility while adding , Turkey to the valuable local products, the day has come to light .
Turkcell Deputy Chief Executive Koray Ozturk , \"the Economy Women with Power currently 68 thousand to our women we reach and our goal 4 years 100 thousand to our women to reach. we provide microcredit entrepreneurs as well as our women class provides training , technological infrastructure, our project will strengthen even further the use and sales channels to diversify trying . women of more and efficient production be able to do a wide audience reach and sell their products possible with .'Product of the buyer and how to bring together the will'subject is of great importance . for this purpose, Turkey's most important e-commerce channel is one of the cooperation with our vitalizing , female entrepreneurs of our products with a broad audience are introducing . Economics female Power that we started with OOP development, mobilization , women of our handmade products purchased by consumers with the contribution will grow further , \"he said . Deputy General Manager of Sales Kadri Özdal ,\"as , which highlights women's labor is very important for us to support their social responsibility projects . Female Power project located in Economics with Turkcell, very valuable for us to cooperate in this regard . The most important factor affecting the success of this type of project , the right sales channel and marketing planning. as the distinction of being the right platform at this point are . Our duty in the best way will do with the words \"project their thoughts about voiced.
TİSVA Board of Trustees Chairman Prof. Aziz Akgul project the new angle , regarding the \"Turkcell and's its valuable cooperation on the sustainable development of our women have provided an important support more . Microcredit, marketing, training and technology support to e-commerce , then our women entrepreneurs now meets , reaching out to millions are getting the opportunity to sell their products . Economy Female Force such an important support now with our women their own feet stands on the economy , attending to your dreams one step closer , \"he said .
From Trabzon KAZAZ art performed with jewelry , from Tokat coppersmith art's most beautiful examples coffee pot and cup of ...
Economics Female Power virtual store,'s home page \"Outstanding Store \"section of Turkcell manual Labour team is located. stores Anatolian authentic, traditional and entirely handcrafted items selected from a range with a . Kastamonu lithography, tablecloths, Konya, made ​​of salt accessory materials, Mardin bittim soap , Hakkari local fistan team , Samsun, woolen fabrics cecum rugs and Kütahya tiles installed this option only a few examples. offered for sale any product in the description manual labor radiance produces stories of women , the product detailed specifications and manufacturing techniques is also included .
Turkcell and's collaboration is currently in 28 cities of Turkey , from 51 women's products , total 103 option to customers are being offered . Store the product portfolio, the future of many parts of Turkey will expand with regional products . Products in the selection of only the very regions where the local features of transport , the material is completely organic, and manual labor is produced by The criteria are taken.
Thus, the country's rare in a traditional style produced local products also surfaced Taking a buyer offered to was .'s Premier Handicraft products in the store range in price from £ 1500 to £ 5 will be sold . Products bought the consumers of Anatolian culture the most beautiful examples of having , as well as the economy Female Power project and on their feet to stop working , family budgets that contribute to women also gave support is going .

Women's Handicraft Products to Meet With Million" comments for.


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